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  1. Pros: sssoooorrrttaa groovy, but not really, like the strings. Cons: YO, YO. very out of place, melody doesnt follow the chord structure of the slap bass. off-notes. needless sfx. Repetitive. Beat is some kinda weird 4/4 3/4 hybrid, dont think it works. ouch on the ending. Cons win No We need more effort on these kinds of mixes. -Pro
  2. Pros: Horn is played nicely. Beat is actiony. Breaks sound good, not great, good. Cons: Lead stays on horn the whole time, dont like that. Variation is your friend. Beat doesnt change much either, gets tedious because it makes the whole song seem like a 20 second loop. WHOA, put my headphones on, that encoding sounds like mp3 -> wave -> mp3 -> wave -> mp3 -> wave -> mp3 -> wave -> mp3. sounds very ugly, especially that hat. at 128, this should sound way better. Horn is used as lead and as intro background, dont like that. too many cons thus, NO oh and btw, I would say NO on the encoding quality alone. Something this badly encoded, even if it were a godly remix should NOT be on this site, period. There is no excuse for that. -Pro
  3. Pros: Light and melodic. Cons: Too short, loops, simple. Not knowing the original melody, Im assuming that this song didnt vary/expand on it much, but I cannot make such a judgement, cause well... I havent heard mm9 stuff. basically I think this song is nice, but seems like it could have been MUCH better and isnt more than a nicer render of the original, based on that assumption, I'll say NO until someone proves me wrong, in which case I'll be happy to change my decision. In other words, is this song really an expantion of a game tune? or is it just a 'better version'. We have enough 'better versions' on this site as it is, we need remixes, not rerenders -Pro
  4. DiveMan MM4 recognized it in an instant cause its one of my favs. Pros: Good instrumentation/bass/beat Really like that flute. Cons: Song doesnt work. why? well, the original was a rockin fast paced load of bangin sound. This turned it into a soft 'groove'. So some of the 'bam' of the original kinda makes this one sound weird at some parts. Too short. would make a good background while they talk in SRX, I suppose. Its the kinda song I have to give a No because being as short and simple as it is, denotes lack of effort. -Pro
  5. Big No I dont care if the guitars are real. Cons: The melody is horrible. The chiptune part is annoying.. VERY annoying. Its like a big waste of time during the middle of the song. whoa, the guitar part after 3:20 is nice, but against the style of the song, repetitive, and does not go anywhere. Beat goes nowhere. Pros: uh... only one Pro in this text box. And Im not just being biased against deathmetal -Pro
  6. Makin me download from vgmix eh? you little.... @#!@# anyway, beat reminds me of the winds of eternity mix. Pros: Great feel to this mix, nice soft quality. Cons: Rather simple. Loops and doesnt go anywhere in the end. Could have been a great 5 minutes song. Felt like a lazy job. Though I think avien was THE MAN with that ff3j song, I dont apreciate the shortness and simplicity of this one. I would give it a yes were it longer, but for now, No -Pro
  7. As if saying yes would make a difference NO so, main problems are: No expansion on the original melody. Piano overused and understyled. 1 beatloop, and Im guessing main melody was midi imported oh, and the ending. -Pro
  8. Pros: Ok synth, good feel. Cons: Ugly buzz fx Too short Unchanging, repetitive, simple. Cut off ending - ew. Cons win. NO -Pro
  9. When did we stop demanding standard OC File Formats *remix_title_ocremix and such ? oh well lets have a listen.. ..... lets have a listen.. ... PII and Realaudio... what could you expect.... works with WMP yay. OK. so its norfair... where theres lava everywhere and you hear the chanting ahhs, but... instead of chanting.. theres.... Chainsaw sfx?? Was someone cutting down a palmtree while this was being recorded? This sounds about 101% like an spc rip. On that basis I say NO!! EDIT: uh... that would be... NO!!!, how odd.. EDIT#2: uh.. ok I messed up the script somehow, just imagine a BIG NO No spc rip + drumloop tracks are ever gonna get a Yes from me. maybe if it was arranged well or something... geez. -Pro
  10. Access Denied? Password required?? SAUNDERRRRRRRRRRRRRS!!!!
  11. Pros: Well sequenced and aranged. High quality instruments make it sound nice, but that is irelevant. Fans of the original should very much enjoy it. Cons: 1:14 has an offnote. Well, if the original was off then thats ok, but it would eak me to hear it each time I played it. Me no likey off-notes. Dont like triangle waves in songs that are trying to sound professional. Overuse of water FX. Cons are minor; Pros win. YES Nice, Judy -Pro
  12. This reminded me of two things: 1. a Mod compo song where someone tries to fit low quality samples into the mod to make the 200k limit while hurrying to finish within the 30 minute limit. and 2. me when I was 8 playing a demo/prerecorded song off my casio and pressing the + button over and over to switch the lead instrument as fast as I could to see how crazy the song would sound. Pros: This guy has definite talent! I could feel the creativity put into some parts. I could hear some frequency and volume controls being used with good effect. I could tell that Poobslag sequenced it all himself (no nfs rip) and got all the chord progressions correct excluding the high wavs being used as precussion elements. Good beat. Cons: It is totally beyond me why someone with such ability decided to go MONO.. ugh theres that word again.., use only chiptune instruments, and not expand on the melody at any point in this song. The instrument changes seem very unorganized and uncalled for, hence the casio reference. The ending (although he did not simply copy the original song and paste it in there, which I commend) is abrupt and unconcluding. I'll have to give it a NO for one reason over all others: This website is " dedicated to reviving the video and computer game music of yesterday, and reinterpreting that of today..." and this song in my opinion did not 'revive' or in any way improve on this great classic, nor did it use new abilities/software/techniques to redefine it. Would be great for a compo, but not OC material. -Pro
  13. Pros: Great feel for the originals. Brings them out of their 64kb shells and out into the open with plenty of zip. Liked the spacy synths. Sounded like Modplug, is that right? Good instrument choice. The notes that are different from the original were well chosen. I would use more horn, cause the horns realy got my heart racing on those intense FF4 battles Cons: Dont like the chiptune part at all. Reason I dont like the chiptune part is that A. SNES game, thus never sounded like that B. Didnt seem to fit + Resonance was high on that flute triangle C. MONO!! EW MONO!!! NO NO NO!!!!! Also it seemed sorta boring towards the center, even though its a good theme. I would have liked to see more going on. Pros win this time. Great job! YES On the side, I would like to add: I think you should submit the final version with no changes later. The reasons for that is you cant expect the judges to change their votes. They might like it better before/after the change, and so forth.
  14. Hmm, the original is one of my favorite songs anywhere, really wish you would have done more with it instead of simply ripping the spc/midi and rendering with hq synths and a beatloop, oh well, I wish on. I suppose I can thank blind for a better version of the original, though I didnt like the lead. -Prot
  15. 9000 ISO. Its a good song, moody, but simple and short. If I were to do it, it wouldnt be for OC.
  16. Thats a nice Reason Dr.Rex loop, isnt it. The song sounds ok, but its really carried by that one drumloop. Its really more respectable for one to make their own beats, but thats just my opinion. Taken as a whole, the song is relaxing and brings me back to memories of my endless wandering through the LostWoods lookin for that damned sword... -Pro
  17. Indeed the intro could have used less SFX, although I didnt mind the strings sample in the least. We work with what we have. Also, the ending had an unfinnished feel. Definately alot of detail and work went into this song. I love the pan effects and progressive feel. It is truly a skill when one takes a rather short song and turns it into a 5 minute song without it sounding repetative while maintaining our interest. Great job Bunk1e -Pro
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