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    Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
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    Videogame and game music.

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    I was born in 1978, with Atari, Alien and Star Wars. Since then I play video games and music.
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    Eric João Ferraz Fraga
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    YouTuber and streamer
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    PowerTracks Pro Audio
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  1. Hello guys! Just want to show you my arranged version of "Jewel Master", the awesome, incredible music of the first stage of Sega's Jewel Master on Genesis. I'm calling this "Jewel Master Gold". I mainly use my Korg Triton classic to play every part and most of the instruments. I used one or two extra instruments from my Soundblaster AWE32 collection of SoundFonts (to this day I use Soundblaster with SF2 hardware support, love it since the 90s!) and used one instrument from the YM2612 on a latter part of the song. I play and perform every part on MIDI sequencer, I use PowerTracks Pro since 1992 to this day. Hope you guys enjoy my arranged version!
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