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  1. Tommy Tallarico composed EWJ 1 music or was someone from shiny?
  2. bah! too complex! Didnt like it. And on top of that, I fell asleep many times during the movie (but that might be becuz I was very tired when I was watching it Yes, I know, I wasted my money....
  3. still nothing can compre to this.
  4. here's a much better quality of the video. http://protodudesrockmancorner.blogspot.com/
  5. OMG! they said they'd go to south america!!! I hope they come to Argentina! I'd die a happy man if I was able to see them live....
  6. talking about FF. OMG! Nobuo! http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/rpg/finalfantasy13/video/6269354
  7. lol, maybe but the players from holland punished the spaniards badly.
  8. Im sorry for Holland but Spain deserved to win! Congrats to the new champions!!!
  9. how are you, dutch guys, gonna watch the match? in your home with family? or out, in a bar, with friends?
  10. Ive been listening to it since I have it, I didnt buy it, I know I should but I dont have means to buy by internet, Im glad theres a site where you can find it for free. BTW, greatest collection ever (at least untill a Final Fantasy Collection like this isnt out yet) Michiru Yamane is my new goddess of music!!!!
  11. the octopus hath spoken! Spain will be the next champion! http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2010/jul/09/psychic-octopus-paul-picks-spain Go spain! go octopus!!
  12. yeah! Go Spain!!! eat it germany!!!
  13. what? congrats guys! now, who would you prefer in the final match? spain or germany?
  14. hahaha! I think he did. anyway, whos gonna win the cup? uruguay?, germany, holland or spain? :/
  15. damn! we're playing awefully!!!
  16. OMGG!!! Im so nervous!!!!!!!!!! Go Argentinaaaa!!!!
  17. what do you mean? btw, brilliant uruguay! suarez must be a hero now in there!! and well done holland! brazil has fallen!!!
  18. HAHAHA!!! South America is dominating!!! South American teams: Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay, Uruguay = 4 teams European teams: Germany, Holland, Spain = 3 teams African teams: Ghana = 1 team South America rules!!!
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