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  1. OH MY GODDESS!!! http://www.tiramillas.net/albumes/2010/06/28/bodypainting_oriental/index.html damn, brasil is dangerous as usual!!!
  2. thank you ref!!! btw, I dont think this will end peacefully, the mexicans are really upset now
  3. OMG! the ref stole a valid goal for England!
  4. europe is falling!!! Japan 3 Denmark 1 GO JAPANN!!!!
  5. Italy's out!?!?! O_o? now, thats a surprise!
  6. We won!!! 2-0 Argentina and South Korea classified!!!
  7. Mon Dieu!! I have to wonder if Ireland would have done a better world cup than France... Well played for Uruguay! Soon, our turn! >=)
  8. hey, thanks to you, I found out it was a joke, I really thought that was for real
  9. WTF was that?!?! are they lying to their own people?!?!?! O_O btw, I heard the korean in the stadium are actually chinese people hired by the North korea government....to appear as korean supporters....
  10. talking about vuvuzelas... and look what this brasilian guy dares to do in my own country!!! grrr! >=( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYkkFjEzVDE
  11. come on france! snap out of it! :mad:
  12. really, a devuvuzelator?!?! whats next?
  13. whoa, red card to anelka, my poor france, it's future is looking grim...
  14. oh come on! most of the teams aren't perfect, and they must be nervous when playing on the field, plus many people complained about jaboulani (the ball).
  15. ACHTUNNGGG!!!!1 anyway, too bad USA, you deserved to win!
  16. We won!!! 4-1 over south korea!!! YAY!! >=)
  17. Brazil is already winning 2-0. lol.
  18. espn murals, I found the 32's teams murals: http://www.marca.com/albumes/2010/05/30/carteles_mundial/
  19. Well, we won 1-0 but we shouldn't have suffered that much! Anyway, I think Messi did a great work, the nigerian goalkeeper saved a lot of balls today! Im waiting for the usa-england too! I think its gonna be a greet match, I hope USA susprises England. And Korea seems a very dangerous team, greece in the other hand....=( Yes, nineko, lol. I know Douliffé is gonna be around soon too. =) Check this out! http://www.fubiz.net/2010/06/06/fifa-world-cup-murals/
  20. yeah, too bad a lot of the members back then aren't right now, like Portugalisimo eterno, the italian guy (cant remember his nickname), and others.
  21. well, I'm watching the opening show, and I see Juanes playing with Taboo (WTF!) from black eyed peas. pretty akward. UPDATE: OH NOES!!! terrorists playing on stage?!?! LoL. now, theres an arab band playing, its funny cuz theyre all wearing arab clothing, some of them even have their faces covered in veils. lol. the band is called tinariwen, heres a video of them: UPDATE2: now Alicia Keys is singing. she's hot! (as usual)
  22. Heres a video of what´s to come: http://kotaku.com/5558339/if-this-is-the-next-mortal-kombat-movie-sign-us-up some interesting links: http://www.trmk.org/news/12627/boon_confirms_mk9s_return_to_edgy_violence.html http://www.mortalkombatonline.com/ Ed boon's twitter: http://twitter.com/noobde Looks like it's time to go back to the roots!
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