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  1. And the one you came back to listen to more often?

    Of course, I love them all and there's always albums you like more than others, but is there an album above them all?

    For me personally, that album that I love the most is: Project Chaos, the S&k remix album.

    I came back to listen to it today after a looong time and I gotta say, it still rocks my sox like the first day!

    I love every remixer who has contributed iwth a remix but my favorite of them all is Gamebox, I wonder what is he doing nowadays? I know he changed his nickname but I couldn't follow him like I'd have wanted, I hope he's ok.

    Post your own favorite album if you feel like it. ;) 

  2. Oh yeah baby, how can  a game from 1987 have such a good music is beyond me, don't believe me?

    check this out, boys.

    amazing, isn't it? :) it would totally rock if anyone could remix anything from this game.

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