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  1. Most likely the old guy, though the love interest is a close second. Think about it, how common is it that the "old guy" is the mentor or elder to one of the characters in the game, who is later driven by the desire to avenge said "old guy"s death?
  2. I really wish I still had my Genesis and Sonic 2. I loved that system to death, then for some reason the P2 slot wouldn't accept up on the D-pad no matter what controller I used...damn near broke my heart. Sonic doesn't feel the same without the Genesis controller.
  3. Theres no way they could delay the game now, the game's been gold for about a week and a half, so disks have been printing that whole time.
  4. I got a sneak preview of the movie a while back, kinda liked it, kinda didn't, but I also missed out on the Batman promo because it was an early screening. Not that anyone gives half a damn, but I wrote a review of it. http://www.forcbyc.blogspot.com/
  5. Has anyone here ever played Evil Zone? oh man for some reason I LOVED that game...
  6. This is brilliant, easily one of the best mixes to come to OC in a long time. Its obvious you put alot of hard work into this, and it really payed off. This goes right up there with Jivemaster's "Tight Finale" and DarkeSword's "TheTwinkleParkClassic". The best Sonic remix to date in my oppinion, simple amazing.
  7. This is one of the best remixes to come through OC that ive heard in quite some time. This is great work PO!, keep it up.
  8. I havent heard much of Chrono Cross here...I say that was one HARD RPG because how strong you were esd how strong you were. You can only level up after a boss. I was actually stuck on the first Lynx for a while...but after a while he became fun to mess around with. OH! and the final boss in Sonic 2. I HATED HIM FOR SO LONG! im hearing Myzar alot.........i never saw him.......
  9. Perfect man. Just perfect. Sounds like its right from the game but beter. Well done, i give a props on this one
  10. 9/10, easilly one of the best Sonic mixes on Overclocked. Id have to say this is second only McVaffe's remix of Ice Cap from S3.
  11. Hard Bosses? The Sky Dragon in Chrono Cross was a pain...but the hardest...wow...id have to pick over EVERYTHING...id probibally say Seph in Kingdom Hearts, cause I still havent beat him
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