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  1. hey Antonio Pizza, I found the FF7 Demo Prelude. Can you PM me your email? I can forward it to you so you can host it for anyone else who's looking for it. I'm not sure how this one was ripped, but it does sound like its very good quality.
  2. Yeah.. i was wondering which of the several ways did he use to rip it. Probably the cleanest way to rip it is to run an emulator, fire up the disc and have a WAV recorder running. Unless there is some way to read the file directly and convert to a mp3. If there are any cleaner rips of this prelude, please post!
  3. Hey Antonio, The mp3 you linked seemed fine to me. What do you mean it's missing an instrument or two? I haven't heard it for quite some time but this seems like its the one I'm looking for. How was this recorded from the game?
  4. Man.... I know this is a long shot...... Does anyone here remember getting those quarterly Playstation Underground CD demos? They were CD magazines with demos, videos, etc. for Playstation 1. Ok, now out of those who do remember the Playstation Underground CD, do you remember the Final Fantasy Prelude remix they had on the 2nd (I believe) issue of the magazine? It was on as soon as you put in the CD... had nice drums and slightly jazzy sound to it? Geez, it's impossible to find, but I swear it's the best Prelude remix I ever heard. I believe it came with this particular set (not certain): http://www.game-rave.com/psx/playstation_perfect_guide/underground/ps_ug_2/index.html
  5. can someone make a sheet music out of this for me?? I dont have the software to make it from midi.
  6. Thanks again Jay. i used Finale to open to midi. Works great!. its a little hard to read because it wasn't sequenced though. keep up the piano mixes Jay!
  7. never too late to learn piano. i started learning when i was 17 or so. I wish i started earlier but its never too late. I see old people just starting and you can be good within 2-3 years if u practice
  8. I've sent everyone who made positive comments on this thread about the piano sheet music commission a PM For some reason, some PM's wont go out. They go to outbox and I cannot send them. Anyway, if you want this song, please email rather than PM me cause PM's aren't working too well. Also, I've already emailed the author of this remix. He does not have the sheet music for it. I've looked people, its not there. I am commissioning a professional transcriptor. It will sound EXACTLY like the MP3. With that being said, thanks. EDIT: Well!! Good news people, i've got email back from Jay and he's going to do the transcription himself for free!!! He'll have something ready for us after 1-2 weeks or so. He says he was a perfectionist and wanted it to be note perfect. Thanks Jay! Dan
  9. Ok people!! Lets try this again. I have 2 new professional music transcribers who I will contact to transcribe this song. Please contact me if you want a piece of this song transcribed. It will costs rough $40-50 i think. Please bare in mind, this is a tough song to play and these are professional transcribers. Anyone willing to split the cost and get a copy? The transcription will take some time after I collect the money. Maybe 2 weeks or so. Please contact me at premiumg (at) yahoo.com Please note, I have referecnes on ebay and heatware (hardware trading reference place). I do not rip people off. I have very good references. I am not trying to make a profit. I really enjoy this song and would love to play this on my own piano. I want to find people who enjoy this song equally and will be willing to chip in for it. Please contact me. Thanks. P.S. I am also gathering people for the Megaman 2 remix, Doctor Wily's Wedding. That is a great song as well and it looks like that transcription will happen very soon. Please check out my post on that song's thread if you enjoy that song too. EDIT (11/12): Ok, the transcription is going very well. I have in my hands, the first 2 and a half pages of the song transcribed and i can say its note perfect. The song is not as difficult as i thought to play. If you are interested in getting in on this transribtion, please email me at premiumg(at)yahoo.com. I am paying ~$50-$60 for this song and I request if you want a copy of this transciption to pay $5 for the whole song. I think this is a small and reasonable amount. $5 will get you the first 2.5 pages now and the whole thing when its done. Thanks, Dan EDIT (11/16): bump for anyone who likes this song... again, please join in so you can get the sheet music for it! I dont want to have to pay the entire thing myself!!! if you contact me about it, i'll give you the first 2.5 pages for free. then if you like it, i'll forward you the rest for the $5 chip in. I think its very reasonable since the whole song is costing me > $60 as of right now! EDIT (11/21): the 2.5 page same can be found here.... http://www.geocities.com/premiumg/timesnewscarsample.pdf email me if you want the rest: premiumg(at)yahoo.com EDIT (1/7/04): bump for people who might have missed this..... EDIT (4/1): bump for people who might have missed this..... (and so i can recoup a little of my costs ) EDIT (4/6): Bruce/Elaine Bedford, please get in contact with me... i can't seem to get a hold of you thru email.. it keeps returning unsent. Its about this remix transcription. contact me w/ another email address if u can.
  10. ok people, I am seriously going to commission a professional to transcribe this piece to piano sheet music. It will cost me $24. He is almost set to do it. I have not paid him yet. Before I do commission him, is there anyone here who's willing to chip in? I am not selling this commission. It is not done yet. However if nobody chips in for it, and the remixer gives me permission, I might sell it here to try to recoup some of my costs. Right now, I am simply asking if anyone wants to chip in for this commission. It is a lovely piece and I really want to play it; i know some of you guys do too now! More info: email me at premiumg (at) yahoo.com
  11. There are soooo many remixes on this site and i rarely download and listen to new ones because of the sheer number of them. I dont often give them a chance. I am VERY glad I downloaded and listened to this remix. Techno is not usually my cup of tea but this remix does it very well and is very catchy. It is hard not to put this song on repeat and listen to it! This song rocks!
  12. i have someone working on the piano transcription now.. unfortunately he hasn't answered my email for a little while.... can anyone do it? I would love to have it on paper so i can play too.
  13. i really like this remix too. What is the original called tho? I would like to hear what that sounds like.
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