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  1. Alas. I absolutely love the instrumental work in this remix; fantastic stuff, exactly the sort of stuff that makes your other works so appealing. But the vocals make it unlistenable to me. I won't comment on their quality, since I am far from an expert in that area and so many people have already gone more in depth, but... they're just not my cup of tea, stylistically. I would love to hear either another version down the road when you're a more experienced singer, or an instrumental version. EDIT: As soon as I posted this I found your acoustic version of this track on your site. And I love it. Your singing has definitely improved by leaps and bounds, and you managed to get rid of the whiny boy-band feel to it. Great work.
  2. Very nice. Definitely worth a download, even for 56K users. EDIT: *5 or so hours later...* Let me tell you, this song is really, really good One of the best remixes on the site.
  3. An, Peeples... Spectacular track. It is up to par with the original track... and, considering Mitsuda's genius, that is about the highest praise I can give to a remix here Truly fantastic.
  4. Although the sequencing may be utterly masterful - I wouldn't know, myself - I have the same complaints others have mentioned. I cannot hear the original melody in here. I played through this, then went directly to my MP3 of the original... I still couldn't detect any similarities. That in itself isn't enough to ruin the remix for me... after all, I've enjoyed remixs of music from games I've never played or heard before. However, this remix... just doesn't seem to do anything for me. There is no emotion, no sense of... anything. It's just a bunch of piano keys, and that's how it sounds throughout the entire thing. In the best remixs, I get swept up, I forget to identify the individual instruments, and generall some emotion is inspired. This remix doesn't even possess the barest shadow of any of those qualities.
  5. Fantastic piece. One of the best remixes I have ever heard... Myself, I didn't notice a single bad thing. Perhaps it's jsut my sound setup, but this track was absolutely pefect for me all the way through. Quite possibly my favorite OCR remix. Strange. The Zeal theme has been my favorite musical piece of all time for quite awhile now. Nothing else inspires emotion in me quite as well as hearing that music does. Others, Unipulator and Zeality especially, seem to share at least part of this.
  6. Well, unlike most people here, I actually enjoyed the intro... but that was nothing to compare to the rest of the track An amazing remix, certainly.
  7. Sorry to butt in on your music-improving discussion, but I'd like to comment on this lovely remix Anyways, great remix. Unlike many of the ones on this site, I can easily tell what it is remixed from, and it manages to catch the spirit of the game well... all without being to similar to the originals. Great work, I wish more artists would follow your lead. I especially love the choir.
  8. If it hadn't been limited by the GB hardware, LA would probably have had the best music in the entire video game industry. This remix is certainly worthy of the game's music.
  9. One of my favorites. Now, I'm an ignorant fool when it comes to how the music works, what instruments are used, etc., etc... but I'd just like to say that this is easily one of the best on the site. Very quiet, very slow, very amazing...
  10. This is the most spectacular peice of music I've ever heard. No, no just out of video game remixes. I mean, out of everything. Better then any professional band's musci (I admit I haven't heard much, but it blows away what I have heard), better then any actual in-game music, etc., etc. I'm sure you guys get the point. Not being musically oriented, I can't really comment on the actual instruments of any of that technical music stuff
  11. Wonderful. I've always loved the SOng of Time, as well as AmIEvil's remixes. And the rain in the background really adds to the remix. I especially like the part about 1:50 through the track when the Windmill theme kick in.. very naturally too. Fantastic.
  12. This is hands down the best remix I have ever heard. Link's Awakening was one of my earliest games ever, my first Zelda game, so that little bit at the beginning with the in-game Ocarina is probably the ebst thing possible to hook me on the mix It's makes me feel very nostalgic... Of course, it won't have quite the same effect on most people... As for the rest of the song... beautifully done.
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