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  1. I like the portability of the Sham-Wow, but it just doesn't give the proper amplification that my vocals need. It also smells bad if it's not washed.
  2. I currently work with a normal microphone and mic stand vor vocals. My band needs a new mic, so I'd like to take this opportunity to add some variety to our sound and look. My set up is Guitar->Effects Pedal->Amp->Main Band Mixer Mic->Pre-amp->Main Band Mixer Two things I'm looking for: 1. I want a wireless mic with belt hookup. I'm an energetic guy and I bring lots of life to a performance, so being stuck at a mic stand feels kinda restricting. I know a mic stand is cooler, but so will be running around the stage! 2. I would like to do some voice modulation. Our singer doe
  3. Interesting, but it sounds like a big stretch for the story, and she can still pass off as Zerg infested (look at dat skin!)
  4. Alright, I added just about everybody in the list. Please add me too! I want to get my battle on! Diamond Code: Funkoid - 5069 0467 4946
  5. Dude, you need to listen to Gamespot's Hotspot and IGN's game scoop. They're both really informative and have hilarious and well done commentary. I personally find that a lot of 1up yours podcast turn in to baby whining. I still listen to it anyway though, just 'cause I love me some VG podcasts.
  6. I'd be willing to bet my life savings that there will be a game called Guitar Hero 3 that comes out sometime in the future. It might be awhile, it might completely suck, it might be "MTV presents: Guitar Hero 3 feat. Fergie!", but no matter what happens, it WILL come out.
  7. rofl, her expression with that is priceless!
  8. Your missing the point. I could talk about dumb kiddy topics all day. What really show maturity is the fact that people here don't get in lame trivial arguments and end up calling eachother gay. THAT'S the reason I left GameFaqs. People can't even spell correctly there, let alone keep up fun conversations.
  9. No...NO...I am NOT going back to Gamefaqs! God no! Not back to the land of the 12 year old idiots!
  10. My thoughts exactly. My gf and I started laughing at some of the dialog while it was going on. And it wasn't the Ebonics talk. It was the OTHER scenes.
  11. Funkoid

    Nintendo Wii

    Thanks. I believe Baseball will be the first VC title I buy. I dun care how crappy it is, that is the most hilarious game ever made. I love how the outfielders run right up on the ball and simply stop sometimes. That's entertainment beyond quality. EDIT: OMG, my Wii has been on the "Connecting. Please Wait..." screen for the past 10 minutes! I can't even shut it off! I might have to unplug it.
  12. Funkoid

    Nintendo Wii

    Sorry if this was already brought up, but did I miss the Opera trial version download? My Wii was without internet the week it was released, and I can't seem to find a way to get it now. What's the deal?
  13. The gore factor was too high to be enjoyable IMO, and the dialog got lame in some parts. On a side note, it doesn't help with the fact that I think most of Spike TV rivals on retardation. "Hey, let's advertise our new show once every five minutes!" Not to mention all their past animated shows bombed. New Ren and Stimpy, anyone? "Hey, let's make them FLAMING HOMOSEXUALS! That's funny, right???" To be fair for the afro, I loved the concept and the art was pretty cool, though. Meh, hopefully it'll get better. An' I be down wit dat Ebonics.
  14. Funkoid

    Nintendo Wii

    Same here. I can't wait for Wario Ware to come out, but until then, I'm casually playing Wii Sports every now and then with friends, but mostly going back to my PS2. God, does Guitar Hero EVER get old? One of the best values I ever got out of a game.
  15. Funkoid

    Nintendo Wii

    Because the B button is a trigger. You use a trigger to make things happen, not unhappen. Unless you want to unhappen a person, then it's all fine and good. I was gonna argue against this, but that last sentence was so good, I'm just gonna concede now.
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