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    Maine: All we need is free medicare and we'd be Canada


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    Part time ref, full time player.

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  1. What happened? I can probably tell you how to fix it.
  2. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome. You've got mail. You've got mail. You've got mail.
  3. Actually, 0*infinity is an indeterminate: http://mathworld.wolfram.com/Indeterminate.html Heh, you're such a dork, Nem. You're the type of guy, that laughs at jokes like "Pie = 3.24" Which, is why I love you. Also, to the newbies (all four of you, that seem to have come here) an interesting fact. Despite the claims that unmod is filled with rabid wolves, ready to rip you appart. The interesting thing is, all the regulars that've posted in here, are regulars of unmod, not gen desc. Food for thought. We can be really friendly, as long as you're friendly, and intelligent.
  4. It's not bad, but, I got a pretty decent laugh out of it... At the very very end, on the last note, there's some sort of vocal-ness-thing. And it made me smile.
  5. I think it would be impossible for me to agree with you anymore.
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