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  1. Hey guys and gals. I thought I would share my music here with you all. Its 41 tracks in chronological order, starting with the oldest stuff working up to the newer stuff. You can download it here: www.galendeming.com Its mostly original, though there are some game remixes/arrangements thrown in there. I would say its probably about 83% original stuff, 15% remixes and 2% arrangements. Anyways I hope you like it.
  2. Feel free to download my music and use whatever you like for your videos:


  3. Is the name of my new album. Check it out on last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/Galen+Deming/Cosmic+Inspiration Looking forward to your feedbacks very much so. I am also in the market for doing some game music composition, so long as you have a tight concept and the ability to produce. (pro-bono if your idea grabs my heart string)
  4. Thats good enough for me, and I hope that it will encourage others to take a step forward and do a submission. Thank you mikeeb13, your feedback is much appreciated.
  5. I understand what you are saying, and I appreciate the insight. I suppose I just got a bit unnerved when reading through the details of the contest rules at http://www.bioniccommando.com/rearmed2/rules.html It says "Sponsor is in no way obligated to use any Entry and entrant may or may not be given any credit or attribution if the Entry is subsequently used" Its a little difficult to interpet this line, but it is really a bane for the remixer if credit isnt given. Regardless, it won't stop me from entering the competition.
  6. I would assume that if your entry did not win the competition, then you would be free to submit it to overclocked remix. The question is, do you waive your rights to the song upon submission, or upon being chosen as a winner? I'm really excited to make a submission for this contest, and I am glad to see that there is a capcom representative here to give us feedback. Peace Yall!
  7. I agree completely. Perhaps I will play with it a bit more.
  8. lol @ Syka... that sig does go well with the song! I appreciate all the input from everyone, I feel alot better about handing it out. I was mainly doing the project for myself and my friends but it just makes sense to make it available for anyone that wants a different flavor of the Final Fantasy sound variety. I'll post updates to this thread as I finish more songs.
  9. So I just decided to throw some midis into Orion and create a quick and dirty FF7 compilation album for shits. I already finished the first track and would like to provide it for free downloads, but you know I don't even know if there would be any copyright issues with that so I am hesitant. The midi file had no author cited so I can only give credit to the original composer. So I guess my question is, do you think square enix is going to sue me for creating note-for-note renditions of their FF7 music and passing them out for free? Well anyways. Heres the track. I'm probably breaking some forum rule or something by posting it but I am too lazy to check so just delete this post if I am. http://www.gjdeming.com/audio/FF7Motorcycle.mp3 http://www.gjdeming.com/audio/bike.mid edit: added the midi file as well
  10. SoulinEther, I'm most likely sticking to the older titles. For me its more about the nostalgia. Mostly NES and SNES titles. This doesn't mean I won't remix newer stuff though. Glitch, thanks for pointing out the typographical error on my part, however just64helpin beat you to it. I'll look into Magfest, I assume its some sort of convention for video games? Sounds like good times! Radical Dreamer, yes others stated that as well, however the O is silent. Its cool though, I like me some nipples.
  11. Just64helping, thanks for pwning my face. Kittykar, I am some random guy who thinks he knows something about making music.
  12. Okay, so I really don't think so highly of myself as to reserve an entire forum thread simply to state the fact that I am back from an extended hiatus and ready to do some more remixes... Okay maybe I do. I think its been, what, 4 years or so since I last made an appearance? Hmmm well you better believed that I have honed my musical abilities to a finely sharpened edge. Actually, I still have alot to learn, and hope that by being amidst this community I will further my musical development. On another note, I am still residing in Northern VA if anyone is interested in doing some collaborations or anything, be it game mixes or original, I am definitely in the market. Just make sure there is booze and multiple females over the age of 18, okay?
  13. Aureolius

    Diablo III

    I am really looking forward to Diablo 3. I have been recently playing diablo 2 since the ladder reset and it is still one of the best games for the pc. A truly timeless classic! Anyone else play on USEAST ladder?
  14. Good piece. I dig the ambient effects. Interesting result from an unlikely collaboration. My advice: Unless you have a good internal rhythm, I suggest you sequence the notes one by one, as opposed to doing a live performance. This resulted in a very disjointed segment where the snare drum made an appearance. The drum should hold the rhythm together, but these drums seemed to do the opposite.
  15. I think you have accomplished a very difficult feat by fusing the classic chipset-sounding synth into an electronic song while preserving the professional and mainstream sound. I am not a professional when it comes to electronic music genres, because quite frankly, there are hundreds. This sounds more like club or house to me. Genre is not important though. It sounds great man. I love it.
  16. This is kind of reminding me of some daft punk music torwards the beginning; really good stuff. Very good stuff. love it!
  17. Wow. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Brilliant even. I want to hear more! MORE!
  18. I enjoy this remix very much. Games with such a complex soundtrack are much more difficult to remix, so that makes the mix all the better. I do have something that I must say about the guitar in this mix though, and I have heard it in many other remixes on this site. The guitar sounds slightly out of tune from the rest of the song. Its not a major issue, but for me it kind of ruins the part of the song where the guitar plays a larger role. Its fine and not noticable in the part where the guitar is distorted in the background. Everything else in this mix is wonderful though. Excellent synth effects, excellent drums, nice panning effects, love the stab organ, neat transition at 1:40, synthesized vocals....all so wonderful. Wow even some piano.
  19. Thank you Dafter, Forte-Sama, Unbiased-Reviewer, Ninjajew, BrettUltimus, and everyone else who has taken their time to express thier views on my work. Because of your feedback and encouragement, I have decided to do a second "Rockman and Forte" mix. The source material will not be revealed until the song is complete though. Thanks again.
  20. This is some great stuff. I'm loving it. It reminds me of the epic-like soundtrack of the Kenshin oav. It tells a story, and gives the listenner a true taste of the Last Blade world.
  21. This is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Professional production quality, a grand atmospheric pressence, and a very developed ear for music are all abundant here. I have no problem with the length of the piece, and the fact that it loops so well is a welcomed plus.
  22. AT LONG LAST! THE REMIX I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! I am glad someone finally decided to re-interpret this song. As for the recording quality, I really don't have much of a gripe with it. It sounds clean enough to me. I feel that the slight lack of recording quality adds a nice, old-feeling to the piece. I do have a gripe with the length, though. I feel that so much more could have been elaborated here, and the short two-minute piece hardly does the original justice. Still, I feel that it is a nice addition to the massive bank of ocremixes, and will please the ears of many music goers. .....and as for the remixers name.....I am slightly confused. An email address? Is that his name, or really his email address? Anyhow........ LONG LIVE CASTLEVANIA!
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