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  1. has a sort of Nightmare Before Christmas on speed vibe. I like it.
  2. wonderful piece! glad to see it posted here as well; as many people as possible should listen to it.
  3. Love it. The synth lead is too piercing for me, but otherwise...yeah. Excellent string work.
  4. Woo, more GL stuff. Intro is almost angelic, sounds like Enya but feels like it's rising to something bigger. The opening beat at 0:19 is interesting, as are the chimes that soon follow. I like the strings at 0:24, very cinematic and strong. Percussion shifts well at 0:34, setting the tone for a new section. This next section bounces around a lot, very interesting once your ears get used to it. The bassline is alright, no real complaints. The rest of the song varies a bit but it's similiar to the first parts. I like the background vocals that return. The ending is a little sudden with that f
  5. around 1:16 the tempo changes with the introduction of a bass and later what sounds like a distorted guitar. it's almost too soft but it lends a nice background as the pianos come back. I really like the bass here, seems like you've spent some time on it. it does its own thing while following the other instruments at the same time (especially around 2:19). At 2:23 you add some more percussion elements which again keep the song interesting without taking over. Around 3:23 is an organ and 3:32 a sax while the drums switch to hi-hats while...lots of instruments keep entering and exiting and retu
  6. Interesting interpretation. I didn't like it initially (mostly due to the drumbeat) but it grew on me.
  7. Wow. Haunting, emotive, poignant...uhh, I'm running out of fancy words. Wonderful stuff here, I dig the snare cadence in the background. Only complaint is the length, which isn't too bad as it keeps the song from getting repetitive.
  8. Lots of variety, lots of different synths used to keep the track entertaining...very well done. I'm a fan of Dale's orchestral arrangements and basically thought that's all he really did so I was pleasantly surprised to see his take on electronica.
  9. Rockin. Like djp, I too thought of The Clash when I heard this. Think ya coulda done more with the drums, but it's really excellent, already one of my favorite remixes.
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