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  1. Huh, I too thought I chipped in on this remix. I listened to it exclusively for like three days when it first came out. Terrific arrangement, great beats (with the crunchy guitar), seemless integration of the vocals, guitar work that's both strong and subtle (like the fade-in at 3:33)...top notch.
  2. I dunno, this just seems kinda flat to me, reminds me too much of simpler/older original game music. I don't think it's bad but don't think it's that great, either.
  3. I can't find a fault with this song. It just sounds damn good. The offkey bass works for me. The guitar work made me expect Ricky Martin's voice to break in =P
  4. First time I heard this, I was a little disappointed, was expecting something different. It grew on me the more I listened to it though, I like it a lot now. Kinda reminds me of Gregson-Williams but with a little rock guitar. The semi drum cadence midway through and at the end rule.
  5. The actual guitar playing is great stuff, really good thrash/over-the-top guitar work. I could see you guys putting out some of the tracks for the latest Castlevania. As mentioned above, the almost-sudden transitions kinda mess with me. A bit more lead-up in regards to percussion would do a lot for that, but that's just me. Otherwise, masterful.
  6. Originally caught this over @ VGMix's WIP forum. Wonderful arrangement but the lack of oomph or another layer doesn't do much for me. Nevertheless, it's really good stuff, really good chill music.
  7. Bumpin, the way electronica should be. I actually started liking the original more after hearing this remix. Great variation of beats, synths, and muted/obscured vocals. The girls who hear this really like it. =P
  8. I am digging this, like LS I'm a big fan of the original track. The last half of the song is really strong. The snares during the slow interlude sound a little too plain, I kinda expected the rolling snares from the original but that's just me. Also a stronger bassline would add some depth to the track, but it wouldn't take much bass to overpower and totally change the song's feel.
  9. This is the win - very clean chill music, very human and slightly off-time performance. I dig the added depth and atmosphere of the vocalizations. The change in tempo at the end keeps the song interesting for me.
  10. Beautiful. Having a hard time picking out the original song...what's the remix based off of?
  11. Amazing. Word on the professional/original sound - the people I've showed this to so far can't believe it's a remix from video game music.
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