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  1. Oh...the overall beat that I hear here...IS WONDERFUL! This is a great Mix, with its theme and tune...Its the kind of music that makes me want to go and play the game (I never even heard of the game until I hit this site about a year and some months ago). You just gotta love it! And though it may be lacking in the department of length, the ending of the ReMix is....uh..."broken" off, meaning it stops rather suddenly, which is a good thing here, for not only does it sound like the only correct way to end it, but it goes along great when you set your [music] player to 'repeat'. It ends, starts back up, ends, starts back up, and so forth, with a nice, short distance between replays. So basically, that seems to go along pretty good. In my opinion. All in all, this is a TERRIFIC REMIX! Flaws only hide in length, but when set to repeat, the flaw is gone. It depends on how you play it. MY SCORE-- 9.1/10 FREAKISHLY FANTASTIC! You should love it. Cherish it.
  2. Hey...feels nice to just have the music hit your ears... AHEM!* This mix, OH HOW I ADORE IT! So wonderful...so true...I'd even go so far as to say the chorus-line sounds..."airy". Yeah....air-dried... Anyway, this one sits just below my current favorite, "Love Hurts". Maybe over time, my tastes will grow onto this one better. But until then, "Love Hurts" is my main tune. They are both from my favorite DJ--and that is currently DJ Pretzel. Keep this stuff up, man...just...keep it flowing, I NEED more remixes like this! Final verdict... MY SCORE-- 9.4/10
  3. And, personally, I'd love to see less of it. There was something to this mix that made me cringe. It was horrible, for me at least. The worst remix I have ever heard, actually. Not that it doesn't have one redeeming quality: a nice BACKGROUND theme. But that voice actually just puts the the whole theme through the shredder, or worse, down the toilet. If this was made for funny-only purposes, make my score a 6.9/10. But until then I know for sure... Final verdict... MY SCORE-- 2.7/10
  4. When I first started this one up, I realized for the first time: not ALL remixes on this site are good! I knew the day would come...the day I would come across a remix I absolutely hated. Well, this ISN'T the case. I like this one quite a bit. VERY repetitive, VERY basic, and KINDA good. Put simply, this mix is simple. Nothing big and flashy. No voice samples. No guitar, either. Just a barbaric-in-style remix that still "partly" satify. Not such a bad remix, and maybe I think that because of the change in sound at 2:58; thats pretty neat. For a while only, though. Final verdict... MY SCORE-- 7.1/10
  5. Yes. This is the sort of Remix that you can just fall dead-asleep on. How it opens up and all that...very nice, and masterful. Then this strange horn starts to blowin' (if that IS a horn, maybe a strange violin? I don't know my instuments very well), and that sort of takes the softer meleody away. But at least it keeps the remix from becoming a little less repetitive. This is one that everyone should download because, well, everybody could use a little R&R every once in a while, and this is the way to go. Play it quietly...through headphones...at night.... Final verdict... MY SCORE-- 8.5/10
  6. Oh! I love this one! Has a certain...how you say...happy-quality to it. Very nice. When I first heard it, I was just sorta doing a little passive-listening. Then later on I came back and heard it again. "Hey, sounds cool." Then I came back again and listened to it without the headphones with the volume most-of-the-way up. WOOO, that just shows that you cannot judge a mix by listening to it one time. It grows on you just like video games themselves do. Neato. Final verdict... MY SCORE-- 9.0/10
  7. I'm sorry, but I don't really know much about "synths" or anything like that. All I actually know is that this is a good ReMix. Just from listening. Man, I really should learn more about this musical stuff... Anyway, the ReMix has a satisfying beat that, when [the remix] is finished, makes you wanna set the tune to "loop". I listen to remixes mostly through my headphones, and from what I heard a few people talking about, there is....something...to listen out for while listening through headphones. I have yet to hear that, though. Nice overall Mix that is, well...nice. ^ ^ Final verdict... MY SCORE-- 8.7/10 (by the way, MAN, I LOVE THIS SITE!!)
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