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    My own song lol

    I have it on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4IDaJ3Utt0&t=137s&ab_channel=StephaneGuenette
  2. Thank you so much Sam! Such a beutiful melodie. Love the kindom heart theme as well.. might as well learn that one thanks for that too
  3. I'm learning piano through a DVD series... and he playes only the bass part of this (I think) classical piece and I have heard it before... I know it's just the first bass part but I can hear the next part in my head and it's driving me nuts! What is it!? Thanks! https://soundcloud.com/hybridx56/new-recording2
  4. Holy....shit...................... That is all.
  5. Gman

    My own song lol

    This might sound really stupid because it's coming from me but.. Any one have the song Gman - Running is not an Option? I haven't heard it in a long time and been waiting 10 years for VGmix to come back online to get it lol Thanks Gman
  6. Wow.. This has got to be the best remix I've heard in a long time! It caught me off guard.. Guess it helps that I love this song! Right from the start, chiptunes is not what you expect but DAMN it fits in so well.. and the transition is so sexy! The sequenced choir is excellent! As well as the beautiful and well placed real voices made by pixiez. Everything fit so well and the quality was insane. Thanks for this guys.. Gman
  7. Gman

    New Hot club songs

    lol aye bay bay...so annoying.
  8. Hey guys.. been a while i haven't posted on here. Don't even know who's still here, who's new or w/e. Well my question is simple. I need to know what YOU think is hot hot hot in the club. Get the ladies groovin or everyone going NuTS!! Any genre will do, techno, hiphop, rap I dont care.. as long as it get people movin in the club.. Thanks alot for your help guys. Gman
  9. Gman is WOWed! I haven't been around here in a while and desided to download a few songs. Ahh I've always been a huge fan of double Dragon.. was my first nintendo game ^.^ I've played super DD alot as well. That being said, my WOWed factor is not only cause It brings back memories.. granted it gives me more love for it. But what hits me the most is the ENERGY of this song, I can picture myself kicking some ass in DD while listening to this and changing lvls or maybe boss's when the tempo changes. The style changes... Wicked cool, brings the energy of the song even higher and removes any chance of the song being repetitive (as I thought when I was lestening to the song the first time) it was just WHAM!!! IN YOUR FACE!!! and by all means not in my face cause the transitions sucked.. in my face cause I wasnt expecting such a nice change for the song and and so well executed. i am looking forward to more mix's from you, surprise me some more! Gman
  10. Ah, ce mix est très originale! La batery a des beau effet et le synth qui glisse va tres bien avec cette chanson. Je peux pas me rapeler de la original, mais je suis sure que cette chanson est meilleur qur la chanson du jeux Donne moi d'autre chanson comme ca, ses très rafreshisant! J'aime l'ambiance que sa crais. Salut! Gman
  11. Oh..I see how it is yoshi! you left me for The G-Man! I was sure you wanted to collab with me *cry*
  12. Anyone notice the clash of notes at 1:54, it could break a window. Breaks my ears everytime.Now...3:44 should have been the counter melodi you were looking for.. but hey could it be just me? Other than that its alright.
  13. This is great, being a guy that loves techno alot, I'm happy that some still don't make techno/dance/trance(whatever). This is very chill as said before, and the guitar playing is very smooth, I wish I could play like that.. Maybe I will try in the near futur, but for now, I'll stay with my electronica, cause I cant make anything good in acoustic/rock/whateverelse, without being able to play live, or pay a bunch for samples. But, anyways, This is a song I can loop and sit around with my girl and chill. The vocals flowed nicly I thought, it added a lot to it. Alot more immotion and heart, what music is really about. If you can make someone feel happy, sad..etc. You've done a good job, wheather its elecronica or chill guitar stuff. Well, I'm keeping this one...even though I dont remember where the heck its from. Chill -Gman
  14. From the start I knew this was gonna be awsome. The clicking sounds are cool and the way you enter it is just true form of trance madness. Then you enter the main melodie very happily. meloing down, with voice sample, then bringing the beat back altering the melodie just a tad to match the trance style your using and to make it a little more interesting. Ah, breaking it down again with those ticking sounds then bringing it back heavyer with a counter melodie and such. Nice sound as well. I knew you were gonna end with those clickin' sounds...thats what I would have done. Well AWSOME job, this is a keeper for me. It also makes me want to start remixing again, in this gender in particular. Peace out. -Gman
  15. Well, I've been here since you started and always downloaded your stuff. I've lived through your improvement. This is by far your best..that I can remember, its very cool music to chill out too. The bass sound kicks, and pretty much every sounds are top notch. I dont know the original, but I will still keep this jewel. The drums at the begining are dry, but awsome. But I like them dry anyways. Nothing more to say but SWEET. -Gman
  16. Mustin AND JAXX? cant go wrong with that. Its very chill and nice. I don't really know if someone could point out anything wrong with this song. The instruments used are great and they are used well. I loved the little violin part, nice little break from the rest. If there would be a secret of mana remix, this would be great for it I don't know who Kassi is or what she/he had part in this song, but good job too. I'd write up more stuff....but usualy long reviews are all the mistakes in the mix and what should be changed yadi yadah...But its great the way it is. -Gman
  17. I never said you used defaults sound, but I know you used the fruity kick. I've never herd a kick like that anywhere other than FL..So, I just asumed it was fruity loops. I know you wouldn't use defaults...if you did, I'm sure you wouldn't be a judge As for the wrong note, nah, I guess it was just me. This is high energy stuff, I just wasn't high energy mood when I listened to it the first time. But it does show you didn't work on it TOO much..thats what happends with IMC...oh well. But its still goddyz! And....I liked your old sig better...the one with the eyes. Later. P.S., I looove title of the song, goes really well with the song. My OC remix that being voted also has a drug related name it should be on here soon. If you YESed me enough -Gman
  18. Yay, very good. Like others said this is really good. I like I like. Gets a little repetitive to me..but that prolly just me. Keep the Chrono music comming! Cant get enough of them.
  19. This is very relaxing stuff, specially after listening to BeatDrops new tunage It sooths me, although I dont know the original, it still touches me in some way. Adding strings was a great Idea, its not much, but adds alot. I like the way the speed and the mood changes. I herd maybe one off key not in there...might have been me... The ending is very nice. Gets even calmer and give you a nice feeling inside. I'm keeping this man. It'll be my first OC piano tune I keep. I'll listen to it when I'm mad and need to calm down, or just to chill out. Thank you for this wonderfull composition, good job. -Gman
  20. I listen to the biggining..I'm like..oh boy, fruity fruty. . Then that bass lead come in and it sound better. 1:29, sounds...bad as hell. Too many wrong nots. Ah, now I know what song it is, I like the lead. The Base drum is too fruity loops. When its coming back at 2:20, its way better WAY. Really good song if you want to go NUTS at the club. I like the lead. This is very hip and new. I felt it was short...not cause of the lenght...cause by the time it built up..its goes out and leave....well...the melody anyways.. But this is kicken, keep bringing us some of your originality. Let the Beat Drop you. w00t! -Gman
  21. First of all CONGRATS S|R NUTS! High energy remix going on in here. Samples not too bad, easy to notice its Fruity loops for some reason. Cauple of wrong(ish) notes. And yea, like the other guy said, repetitive without being repetitve....it made sens. Well, nothing else I can say but..its a very fun remix and it deserves to be on OC. -Gman.
  22. Starts off with the level one theme, wich I like alot.. It sound a little empty at times...but it gets cooler, and not repetitive at all, Lots of changes in the effects/speed and instrements, cool. Then warps into another theme, I think its level 3... In the woods..oh yea...I remember. Nice chillin music, a big change from your first part. Nice take on the song as well, respecting the original. oops..I think the third song is the wood theme..unless there are 2 parts too it. Ah, its gone heavy, head banging time! Drums sound awsome at 3:50...nice quality. Now a diff song, I remember that one as well, This is a nice trip into DD...I'm afraid that the song at 4:09 kicks the ass of all the other parts...you should have worked on the other parts to equal the quality from this one...just a thought. HATE the way you went into the main theme...and its also, WAY too crowded in there....you Base eats up everything for the main theme...Too dirty for the rest of the instruments... The ending was fine. Overall nicely done mixs...some emptyness here and there...some songs better than the others(quality) Good show! -Gman
  23. Nice. Nice sounds, nice arangment. Not too repetitive. One RELLY offkey note on the choir(ish) thing. AHH! You ruined the song for me..Oh well. Ah, then gets a little more heavy on the instruments and give me the nice feeling inside. Good Job man. Other than that wrong note(wich I cant bare), pretty awesome stuff man. -Gman
  24. Wow. From the very start I was impressed. I didn't think I was going to be impressed anymore...then the flute came in. OMFG! It sounds great! This remix is top notch, and I love the original music as well. Let me tell you, you didn't kill the original at all. You've improved it 20 times over. The beat is clear and kicking, the lead rules, The harmonization for the lead kicks even more AZZ, The piano breaks are done well. What else can I say? This is really good. Keep it up! -Gman
  25. FFmusic DJ, you can get it here on the site..under remixer name DJ Terra..and it sounds NOTHING like it...not even close... Yea I know..but they all put it in one category "OC Techno" (easyer for the n00bs to understand I guess)
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