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  1. FALCIO, rock fan boy first time I use fanboy on other things than consoles hehhe. This song is freaken great, and NO their arent enough Techno remixs. Not of this quality anyways. Being a fan of EVERY style of music, I know OC has their share of every kind..just less rock cause not everybody has the stuff to record rock. This is NOTHING like the one DJ Terra made. You want me to make a count of techno song VS. other styles on OC just to prove you wrong? There I listened to YOU. Keep the TECHNO comming FFmusic DJ. Don't change styles. You the bomb at what you do! Once again this track is AW-freken-SOME! -Gman. *EDIT* sorry DJP + FFmusic to have posted this here instead of somewhere else...forgot this was JUST to review...I hope this doesn't cause a big thing (FALCIO) just PM me if you want to continue this...not in here)
  2. much MUCH MUCH better. The kick was just wrong in the other version..thank god that wasn't the final version...unless you fixed it after (jk) The melodie is differently placed now...much better there too. Gives it more of a trancy feel to it...its exacly my style..I like. You've always been good with the purcussion change..that you VERY good at...(im working on that myself.) The vocals are way cooler now...Very nice. I wasn't gonna keep the other version...but now I am. Yay. I was wondering when you'd make another remix! You EQed it very nicely. Kudos..I want MORE! -Gman.
  3. I never thought I'd say this...but I liked DJ Terra's version a little better.. Being a BIG BIG BIG HUGE FFmusic DJ Fan, I liked it.. NOT his best.. but he definatly has no problems with repetitiveness...He loves to change the purcussion like I do...and thats what I like. But your lead sound...isn't it getting a little old? Maybe its just me...Or maybe its not the same...I'll have to check. One other thing he does that I like is trail the Base drum with a Tamborine(ish) type instrement..thats coo. The vocals aded a little. The lead sounds a LITTLE TOO much off key at some points...easy one the tunage . Another song to add to my FFmusic DJ song...BAD ending BAD! Dirty base BAD! Thats about it..I had my ups and downs with this track. Gman
  4. Ahh, this is AWSOME. I never herd the original...From what I hear I should play ToP RIGHT NOW!! Now..more on the mix, Starts of with some nice bass sound that I liked alot. When I herd it I knew this was gonna be good...but not this good! I just looove your transitions they are very nicelly done...specially the first one. I dont really have nothing BAD to say about this mix...I would say it was repetitive..but you have enought percution changes and breaks and stuff to keep the listener interested. Also, its very happy and upbeat, and I like the piano sound with all the rest...nice touch. The clap sound you used is VERY original and different..it doesn't get on your nerves like many I have herd. The Appigio is Very nice also, fills it up nicely..Its the Icing on your cake..And its a REALLY YUMMY CAKE! I WANT ANOTHER PEICE! so keep up the good work. Congrats on getting on OC and GL in the futur. Looking forward for MORE MORE MORE!!! -Gman.
  5. Heh..I was expecting more from Goat...It sounded a little bleh...but WAIT! getting heavyer I hear?! now THATS goat! When the rock kicks in, Its awsome. Nice drum beat, makes you want to save the world or something. Omg..The ending cut off WAY too fast!! You should have let that last note fade out.....cause the ending was awsome...Oh well.. Keep those SOLID ROCKIN beats comming our way! -Gman
  6. Ah, Some simple yet effective trance. Meh, you dont want to get too complicated anyways... The only thing that gets on my nerves ALL the time in everysong like this is the Fruity loops kick drum...I duno...It always stands out for me. As for the other sounds they were kicking, the Melodie was a little weak..I've seen that in a couple of your songs... NEVER bury the main lead too much... The lead is very important..cause it carries the song your remixing..And thats what we want to hear. The piano was nice, I liked it..Maybe a little Piano solo(ish) thing would be cool. This is definatly a BIG improvment from your last remixs. Glade to have another good Trance remixer on board, we've been lacking Trance lately. If you want to impress DJP more (Make something Stand out) I'd say MORE variaty, surprise us with drum changes throught the song..More purcution.. More Harmonization, Stuff that'll make us go what was that! THAT WAS COOL! Hehe, I'm not saying I can do that just yet myself...But I'm still trying. Anywhoz, Keep Trancing Terra!! I'm looking forward to your ever progressivly better trance Everytime. And Maybe one day you'll compose your own songs make a CD and be the next Trance star? -Gman
  7. Thanks alot guys.... Ayear in the making...a year of WAITING. NOT making..more like 3 hours TOPS! Oh well..I guess DJP just put it the wrong way The good thing is that I like it and many others like it..So, its fine by me. Good...cause thats what I wanted..I didn't want to keep the emotion, you must DANCE! not cry I'm a big fan of FFmusics DJ's BoF song... Its like sad...cry BOOM IN YOUR FACE! I guess its just not your cup of tea.. Like your stuff is to me.. I repeat: NOT a year in the making. -Gman
  8. Wow, This is a big keeper for me. Not only was I a big fan of Wild Arms music. I'm an even BIGGER fan of Dale North. And who better to team it up than with JAXX a great guitarist who I will miss hearing. This song is very simple..yet very prefessional. Everything seems to fit togeather, everything is top notch I would love to be able to remix like Dale, but, for now..I will stick with my electronica. And I will let the soothing world of remixing up to people like Dale and Russ who I am very fond of. Thanks for the Mix..Glad you submitted this Gem...cause otherwize..I wouldn't have known of it.. -Gman
  9. Digging the intro, I can feel this is gonna be a good song. Building up, some nice voices, kida midi-ish, but I still dig it. Huh? A Guitar Solo already? hehe sort of, nice guitar work. Ah, now the melodie icked In..I know what it is.. That brass-ish sound Is pretty cool too. I agree with the Judges the Drums DO sound GM, but the guitar puts the attentong away from them. The trumpet solo was nice, not the realest sounding trumpet..but it does the Job..Samples dont make songs... WE DO! I like it. Good Job. Keep up the Good Work..Also, congrats on your Beer remix..I liked that one too hehe. Gman.
  10. Yea, I thought the song was really funny...I know I laghed a few times...speacially the punch in the pipi thing..When I thought it couldn't get any funnyer...I SAW THE VIDEO!!! hehe. I do agree..thats some nice recordin' keep up the good work.
  11. DJP pretty much said what I wanted to say to mustin...so I wont get into it. This song is weird...WHICH IS GOOD! Yea, the recoding is pretty good. Dale should make a none weird song with vocals...something like a slow song? I think Dale would be the man to do it. Just an Idea..Keep up the good work...your one of the remixers I always download without thinking twice. Gman.
  12. WOW, that was some WONDER F'in TASTIC MOTHER F'n GUITAR WORK! like Dale said, little touchups and you got yourself some album matirial...PMM Heavy Metal tribut maybe?!?!? PLZ!! I'd write more...but I have to listen to it some more!!! Gman
  13. Its ummm...different. The fruity kick kills it for me...that and that it sounds a little empty...yea yea thats how you wanted it blah blah blah, I dont need to hear it. Over all its listenable...Not your best. I really liked your FF6 one more. Well thats really all..the kick and the emptynessnessnessness.... Overall some not bad stuff going on here. Gman
  14. Wow, this is great break beat. The Brass samples are WOOF! they blow me away and the make the song what it is. Very original stuff here. Something I wasn't expecting when I downloaded this (without reading DJP's Review.) Ah, nice use of strings too! wow, amazing. He's even got a slower part to it, nice! This is a keeper for me! KUDOS! I WANT MORE! Gman. Good Work. Exelent Work. GODLY WORK!
  15. Very nice quality, nice stuff going on in here. Almost a perfect peice...sept for some of those BAD transition. The key change wasn't that bad for me..changed the mood. But, this isn't your best work. Still good though. Good Job! Gman
  16. Anyways, nicely aranged piece Dale...Ts'what I expected. Ah, I'm gonna go relax and run slow motion in town doing nice deeds with a smile while listening to this song. Simply Beautifull. Gman
  17. Wow. Just Wow. I am never remixing in techno again. I want to be a better person too. I want to help the poor, I want to... You get what I mean. This remix is nice in everyway. As I listen to it, I feel so happy and better about myself. This was nicely done, nice instrements. cool.
  18. I'll have to agree with Mustin on this one. This song hurt my ear drums BIG time. The chords and the anoying intrements killed it for me. This has the potential to be a good mix..OC shoulda told him to work on it a lil more.. Oh well. Nice work though. Gman
  19. Well its pretty cool stuff, very original too. I had told him that it was a little too dirty but he just brushed me off.. Well yet again I say the same.. But not the whole peice I must say. When it fades out and kicks back in WAY TOO MUCH! it clips, I'm sure its not just me that hears this. Overall this is a pretty good mix... Next time try to play it on a CD player full bast or something or look at the Volume bars to see if your mix is clipping! -G-
  20. Hmmm... this mix is weird. The guitar is a little too dirty.. and it ruins the nice little piano playin... This song has a little too much treble..hurts my ears... Maybe a little more base? PLZ?! Like others said.. not your best work. But not really that bad. Later. -G-
  21. THIS IS SWEET ASS STUFF! I never really looked into FFmusic Dj's music.. but one day I saw in the WIP forum that he made a corel prison remix. I desided to take a lisnin' and to my surprise it bacame my favorite remix of all time. And since that song he has never let me down, EVER! HE'S ME HERO! (don't flame me for it) Alright, as for the mix: His percution is very tight, that is one thing that pops out the most. His remix dont just have that usual boom ti boom ti boom...he has the boom ti ti ti ta ti tit i boom titi ta tha..you get what I mean. And he uses nice percution samples as well. As for the intro.. It wasn't annoying at first...very funny hehe (don't sing). But I had to cut it out after a while. This mix is a nice peace o hard trance! FFmusic Dj has a style of his own. A style that ALOT of people love..including me. More people like his music than some one... I forget his name... ahem... Well, keep up the AWSOME work, I'm looking forward to your next remixs!! And maybe even some stuff of your own?? (PM me about the stuff of your own thing...I want a tast) Later.
  22. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET REMIX! And no doubt the BEST BoF remix and FFmusicDJ's BEST as well. Starts off with the sad tune done with a nicely done piano and then it follows by a IN YOUR FACE, DONT BE SAD NO MORE, KICKIN TUNE! Since Haroon got Reason, his music got WAY better. I guess all he needed was better samples. FFmusicDJ IS MY HERO! hehe Gman
  23. Yea, its good. But, BETTER THEN SAD MELODIE??? You must not like techno. I loved sad melodie. I think staying TOO close to the original isn't good. Both good remixs but..we all have our opinions and favorite styles.
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