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  1. That would defeat the point, since it would stop the enemy team from being able to target him. His job as a tank is to take the hits.
  2. Pleeeeeeeease finish this (If you haven't already), it's amazing.
  3. I hardly ever post, but I just had to for this one. This is one of the most enjoyable mixes I've heard in a really, really long time. Extremely polished, chilled, and creative. The transitions are so smooth and and vocals work perfectly. I love it.
  4. Extreme G (the first one) Tetrisphere Vortex (no relation to username)
  5. I've tried Target, Walmart, and CC. None have it.
  6. I tried again a little later and energy was dropping like candy, making it an easy fight. So I don't know what was going on before.
  7. The issue I'm having is nothing drops energy unless I'm below 99 with 0 tanks left. I sat and fought him for a good 20 minutes with only the orb on his back left, successfully dodging all his attacks, but I could never get over ~110 energy because his hands would ONLY drop energy once I was in the danger zone, and usually just a purple +10 at that. This goes for both the hands he shoots at you, and the hands that grab orbs from the side of the arena. If I have a full tank, even if I'm at 0 energy, no power ups will drop. This happened in two separate attempts before I called it quits for a little while. I'm not making any huge mistakes or anything, it just seems like I'll never have enough energy to finish the fight with the required hypermode uses unless energy powerups drop, which seems like it should be happening but it isn't. On a sidenote I thought both the other prime games were FAR too easy, I don't think I died a single time while playing either of them through the first time, so I don't know why this is giving me so much trouble.
  8. Ok, am I doing something wrong? I'm having lots of trouble with Mogenar on veteran difficulty. How many energy tanks should I have for this? I have 4 right now but I'm always completely out of energy after the 3rd orb slot is destroyed, and it seems like the replacement orbs he pulls to his body only drop energy if I'm below 99. The only way to damage him is with hypermode shots in an empty orb slot, correct?
  9. I'm having a bit of a problem with Chipamp. It works fine and all as far as playback goes, but it seems to have screwed up winamp's supported file type recognition. Whenever I try to open a new file, the dialog box is always empty and I have to manually go to "all files" in the drag down box to see anything. When the default "all supported types" is selected, it displays nothing, not even normal audio files like mp3 or wav. All the correct file types are set under file associations in winamp options, but I have to manually open files through an explorer window or do the previously mentioned drag down to all files every time I try to open something. Has anyone else run into a problem like this?
  10. The first part is the Corneria (1st level) song from the SNES Starfox. The second part sounds like the "victory" after each level. Anyway, this tune kicks major ass!
  11. I haven't played UO in sooooo long... What part of the game is this from? I really like it but I can't rememeber what the songs from each town were like.
  12. *Spoilers* I just a second ago died fighting metroid prime. That bastard. I didn't go into the battle with full energy though because I didn't know that's where it was gonna be. I'll go back a little later and kick his ass now that I know what his pattern is. That hyper beam kicks all ass btw
  13. I liked this mix. The guitar was awesome, and the trancey feel the whole song had was cool. I do agree with others though that the flute was too loud, and sounded kinda midi-ish to me.
  14. Rockman and Forte (Megaman game in Japan that never made it to the US, last one on SNES). In one of the "castle" levels after you beat all he robots, there was this flying tank-like thing that you had to fight while continually jumping on little tiny platforms that raised out of the bottom of the screen one by one, then fell just as the next one was rising. To make things worse, the boss had this laser that could knock you off and it also shot these little bubble things... if you touched them, the whole screen would flash white for a second so you COULDNT SEE WHAT YOU WERE DOING. You could only hit the thing in one little tiny spot too. Goddamn that thing was hard. Come to think if it, that entire game was damn near impossible.
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