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  1. LMAO - this was a sweet mix. Now i'd love to get all technical and talk about the timing, composition, layering, and all that other stuff that goes into mixing that (as a complete nonmixer) I don't understand. I do understand this. Sounds awfully good. starts slow with a good pick up, nice fast pace, you can actually plug this and play (not just to FF but any game) it's repetitive but fun and so it makes for great background without getting old. nostalgia - MASSIVE. I used to hardcore make fun of puff daddy / p.diddy / sean combs / whoever the hell he is this week (no hate, i respect the man
  2. I beat it twice - looking for the hattrick. But when you finish the "story" there's still way much gameplay as you have all (what borderline 400) pokemon to recruit. plus various new areas,etc. ghost type + tight belt (belly doesn't empty) = max easy -> float through all the walls
  3. I'm totally addicted to pokemon dungeon...
  4. Man, what a slow night - so i'm browsing around not much to do here at work and I figure, how 'bout some CT to pass the time. Now i'm looking for something that I haven't heard yet and I notice this title "Tears for a Girl" schala mix. So it gets me thinkin' - hey I loved the mix for schala on Chrono Symphonic - this needs a spin. This tune is absolutely gorgeous! I love it. I want it. I need it. Too much? Bear with me - i'm using the internet mounted player (this is work) so I can't delve too deep in detail. Full points on the intro - nice and slow, builds, then you get a bit of suspense
  5. OMG, that tune was so sweet i'm listening to the whole soundtrack right now, it's SO F*CKING AWESOME!!! MASSIVE props to everyone who was involved in this beast!! Metriod Forever!!
  6. That's really cool, it sounds like something you'd hear going on a journey somewhere in a good rpg quest. I know it's from the Chrono fair, but that doesn't take away.
  7. Wow, that's prolly all i've got to say. That was a beautiful piece. And I agree with you, NES tunes I believe make the best mixes for the whole sake that they're simplisticly astounding. And I must say, this was a job very well done. It's only a shame that the song is over before you really know it, but hey! that's what "repeat" is for!
  8. So, i'm slow getting around to things, I was collecting an MM2 soundtrack of the remixes this morning, go figure AE did like most of them and there my favs lol, this song was pretty sweet, another kick ass work of art, what are the odds you'll get around to Heat and Wood?
  9. i think JJT did a really great job on this one, i thought it could've used a heavier bass line, but i'm a trance fan, i really liked this track. It was smooth, and kept true. I liked the snare finish, wicked job. Glenn's theme was my #1 on the Chrono soundtrack, i'm really glad to have heard such a good remake, i'd also like to add the sword effect at the start really grabs a listener's attention (got mine) and the flute was beautiful below a 9/10 is insulting to this track.
  10. Probably not THE hardest, but still a pain in the ass -> Ruby Weapon FF7 and Omega Weapon in FF8 - both of them were dicks! some would argue Emerald over Ruby, but that's just how i found it.
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