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  1. just read the script, and I thought that if you slightly remake the script (such as adding Ayla and Robo) and add in some more things from the game, it would make a miniseries, which I think would be better than a movie. No offence to anybody.
  2. [left utterly speechless while listening to this remix]
  3. (rollingonthefloorlaughinghysterically) this song is great!! A good Remix through and through, well done(starts laughing again)
  4. true there is nothing that sticks out in this song besides everything mixes so well, but, there is nothing to diss about this song either, it is a really great song, and i believe that Marc has a great future as a remixer
  5. This is a really good remix, but as eevspaws said, it is split in half, but still, it kicks the @$$.
  6. i liked this song, i personally see no problem with it, it is happy!!!
  7. this song kicks @-$!! he did a really good job at this song.
  8. this was my 2nd most favorite song of all the great command and conquers and peeples did a great job with it
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