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  1. Okay, it starts with the Cid Theme. Then it transitions to a heavy rock portion which is not based on the source material at all. Then a refrain which is based on the Cid Theme. Then back to heavy rock.. Ick. Schizophrenic indeed. What part of Cid's Theme demanded "energy"? Energy provided through unrelated heavy rock segments with meaningless lyrics and a yowl more reminiscent of Michael Jackson than any serious musician? This didn't expand upon the source material, it stretched and butchered it to fit around the rock elements. I know that a lot of remixers have pulled off really interesting results by changing a song's theme and feel, but this is not one of them. However, I will concede that the "bridge" part of the song from 3:10-3:45 was nice. It was the only nice part which captured anything close to the original feel of the Cid Theme. Although the lyrics are still rather non-sequitur from that dimension... thankfully, they can be tuned out. I honestly wonder if this track would be better if all of the rock parts were simply cut out. Or maybe this is all a result of using the anthemic themes of Oprah. Damn you, woman!
  2. A rather sublime take on the FF theme... definitely used the source material well to make this one of the strongest tracks in the compilation.
  3. Sigh. Regardless of its technical merits, I can't understand how turning Aeris' theme into an upbeat waltz is a good use of the excellent source material. Granted, the waltz part of the song ends, at which point you're dragged through an orchestral tour de force of various combinations of instruments with nothing really holding it together, except perhaps Jeremy's desire to show off his artistic prowess. But to me, the abundance of meaningless transitions was a clear sign that this track had no real heart or soul. Without hesitation, I'd take MENBAH's Aeris Remix over this one. But that's just me!
  4. This mix is really good, and pixietricks has an amazing voice (though I prefer when she sticks to English..) - undoubtedly one of the best tracks in the entire project, and an excellent opener.
  5. Chiptunes intro was an odd choice. I personally thought it was terrible. But reasonable minds may disagree. Between the intro and the transition at 2:05, this was just another orchestral One Winged Angel remix. Yawn. I thought the take after that transition was pretty original, however, and an improvement on the original track. Especially with the vocals around 2:45. Things really started to get really good at around this point, but then... BAM! Song's over! Sorry folks! Blah.
  6. Um, I don't think anyone ever posted in Unmod in order to increase their post count in order to gain respect.
  7. Unfortunately, this line of thinking fails to incorporate the fact that Unmod was a community of individuals which had evolved over several years. You can't just "build it and they will come", there are plenty of lame "off-topic" forums strewn around the internet. Unmod was an exception, though, one that had grown over time to its current form. And the mods gutted it, and everyone realizes that .org is "the cool place to be".. and unfortunately, this will continue to be the case, as many people of note who would visit this site will end up migrating to .org, now that it's probably hit the critical threshold of being a self-sustaining entity that will siphon off everything that made Unmod great from this site. This little social experiment will not work as intended. At least not as you would hope. The mods.. I'm sure they don't really give a damn, they would be happy to babysit a bunch of children in diapers as long as they got their precious respect.
  8. Gray was my favoritest judge. Now this site sucks! Well, not really. Good luck, though.
  9. So on what time of the month should people avoid submitting remixes? /I keed. Congrats to all.
  10. The only track I liked, ultimately, was "Ghost of Mars". Granted, I only played through most of them once, didn't pay close attention on a lot, but... yea. That was the only one which struck me, I suppose. I should also note that I wasn't fond of the Kirby project or Sonic 2 one either. In fact, I think the last one I liked was the... Duck Hunt one. Heh. It's probably due to the fact that now that compilations have caught on, the remixers involved with them tend to be lesser-known (and not as good).. yea.
  11. Excellent track. My favorite part is the section from 0:40 to 1:00... but the rest is quite nice.
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