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  1. You know for looking like such a kiddy game, Kingdom Hearts sure was a lot harder than I expected. Heh, some of my friends still can't beat Sephiroth, its hilarious.
  2. I feel your pain, fighting all those bosses was a bitch, not to mention it took too damn long.
  3. The bassline is pretty cool. Pretty easygoing, lighthearted mix that stays true to the original. Sweet mix.
  4. I liked the bass on this song. The melody and everything else seemed to be a little bit obscured, but that's about the only problem I really had.
  5. At first I didn't really like the beginning, but now its grown a hell of a lot on me. I really love the drum and bass work on this song.
  6. I concur, this track is really great. Great translation from the game, I can't believe you were able to turn it into a successful piano piece, great job.
  7. I like how it builds up to 1:16, pretty bold rich sounds.
  8. Although the trumpets do sound somewhat fake and a lot of potential of the artist was most likely not evoked in this song, as others have shown, I still think that this is a great song. I think it still holds up to many of the other mixes on the site and so it retains a spot on my playlist for never becoming boring or dull.
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