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  1. I dont think i've had too many problems identifying who they are when I load up a page. Unless it just keeps feeding me the same thing over and over.
  2. One of the best vocal mixes on the site. Im still surprised its as good as it is, simply because of my disdain of vocal tracks to vg music. The song overall stays moderately in place, it would have been nice to have something a bit more extroverted such as a stronger solo or an incredibly over the top build up at the end. Its still a special song for what it is though. Great work. Next its chunli's theme!
  3. intro is very very well done. i like how things are randomly added but they fit into the melody. even though it gets a bit cluttered at times, it still works well. near the end i was kinda wishing something original and out of the already maintained melody/beat to come in. it stretched it pretty far imo. overall the mix is great and its a good listen.
  4. interesting mix, although it felt scrambled together with no clear objective. tried some interesting things here and there, and made do with the material. only objection i have is the fact that there is no intro, and just thrusts you into the song. on repeat it sounds really awkward because of that.
  5. I particularly enjoy this song. Its so different and radical, plus it pulls off some interesting things no one else has done before on OC. I appreciate the original qualities; however, the emotional aspect of the song definately shines. The lyrics might be uninspired every now and then, but its still very consistent. Great song and addition to OC.
  6. The composition of the song is great. Theres nothing over done, and nothing that just gets boring after a while. It has inspiration and originality shot directly into the original theme. This is a welcome change considering most mixes have been good, but rather basic in artistic style. Definately a keeper.
  7. Beautiful mix. I remember listening to it in the WIP, and thinking it was top notch then. It does have similarities to Titanic, but seriously, that movies so old that it shouldnt matter. I dont know why people even remember that stupid movie and its theme.
  8. beazulbub is there there too great remix, im becomming a huge fan of your work.
  9. Its a wonderful song, and regardless of the fact that the zeal theme has been remixed so much, it stands apart from the others quite nicely.
  10. COOLEST FUCKING SONG EVER. Im still listening to it on loop, trying to memorize the lyrics. Its so original and so full of life. God damn this rox.
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