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  1. I REALLY don't hope this film turns into SH1, just harry replaced with a mother. :/
  2. Thanks for sharing that Dr.Eccles earlier on, I just read it and I found that to be a very interesting read. If you've got more stuff/thoughts around like that, please share more.
  3. The soundtracks to be released along with the game. Is that for US release only?
  4. Miriam K is a character from Alfred Hitchcocks 'Psycho' But why include her in the gravestone bit? Does it have a symbolic meaning or something? If so, then what? I haven't seen the film myself, so I know nothing of what's happening in it. Cool to see that someone had figured that one out.
  5. *pretty obvious this thread is full of spoilers, so no need for a spoiler alert really Oh btw, these things I write are my thoughts to some of the things happening is Sh, not necessarily correct, but what I have gathered. If you can directly prove me wrong, by all means, please do so. I want to find out what is real in SH.* If anyone has a save point right before you encounter Eddie for the last time, check this out. The place with the graves -> James, Angela, Eddie, Walter. Everyone apart from Laura and Maria/Mary has a catacomb, logical if you think about it. Laura -> child, innocent. Mary/Maria -> victim. But what I don't see is… have a closer look on all of the gravestones... WHO THE HECK IS MIRIAM K? And why she is also labelled as "traitor"? Is that an inside Konami joke or something else? If anyone knows, please give me an answer, it’s been driving me nuts. In reply to why/how the pyramid head exists, especially since James had never seen him before. I think Samael used the old executioner to play with James' mind. In the normal world, it can be argued that James kind of represents a pyramid head. How? By killing Maria over and over again, the pyramid head is there to remind James how he killed his own wife. The fact that the PH is faceless can also represent James' guilt and shame for his mercy killing and killing because he was fed up with Mary’s whining. This has a tremendous effect on James. He begins to fear himself. I don’t know if James has multiple personalities, but it is obvious he neglects what he did, and carries on his life as if he was a selfless, caring man. His neglecting is also wrong. Death is not to be taken lightly. James is in Silent Hill for 3 reasons; to be punished, to remember who he really is, and to give Samael enough power to begin taking over SH in SH3 , so the monsters Heather would experience would be real as technically (as far as I can see) Heather is sin free. (Well, apart from the whole Alessa Cheryl complex) So Samael can finish off what he started in SH1. Which all bring me to the point of SH2. I’m assuming two things. 1) sh2 is set between sh1 and sh3, 2) rebirth is the real ending. How can Samael still live after Harry killed him in Sh1? He can, because only his physical form was killed. His essence still exists in Silent hill. However, for him to once again regain the strength to take on the entire town once again he needs someone to give him strength by calling on necromancy forces. As he still lives in spirit he can indirectly control the surroundings in Silent Hill. -> Through illusions, by letting those who’ve committed foul sins to experience them over and over again he can indirectly manipulate them to do his biddings. I can’t recall the name Samael be mentioned once in the game, perhaps of this reason. Would James be more aware of what he did in SH if he knew? The people who experienced their nightmares were only those who deserve to be punished. That is how Laura is a bystander, but she is at the same time Samael’s Ace card. She knew Mary, she could manipulate James by playing on his feelings, as he refuses to believe Laura’s acquaintance to Mary several times. I think Samael used her to help James realise he needs his wife back. By using "Lost Memories" and some other stuff, some of the old powers Samael used to have come to life again. I reckoned rebirth was the proper ending after I played the “Born from a wish” scenario. The entire thing with Ernest, the ingredients, his daughter, it just matched as a parallel to James’ experiences. As for the sirens of silent hill, particularly the one that makes the pyramid heads commit suicide. I’m not sure why, but I think the sirens sound symbolise the struggle between Metatron and Samael. When the siren went off in sh2 it could have been Samael saying James has suffered enough (James was now mad enough to fulfil the resurrection and by so giving Samael more strength later). It could have been Metatron coming to the rescue. The only thing certain is that it is there to say something is changing, for good or worse, just like Valtiel did whenever he appeared and turned a knob in Sh3. That was a lot of info. Wrote it all a bit fast, sorry for my non-intelligent language, English isn’t my primary language. Hope it’s fairly understandable, and you all can see some of my points.
  6. Amazing, I absolutely love this, I've never heard this song be remixed before as well, and I do dig it. I have to say though that I find the last part of the song (after around 2.48 minutes) better than the first part because that's the part where we see that this is no longer a remake of the song, but a remix. Anyway, excellent song to add in my "OCR home mp3" library.
  7. I really like Mazedude's latest songs. They distinguish themselves from other stuff on OCR. Mazedude has definetly evolved to a great artist on OCR. "Nazi requiem"'s mood really moved me, just like "Spacestation..." did. Keep the great work up Mazedude.
  8. I liked this remix, but I've never really liked this song from cv2. I feel DJ Crono gave the song a wild west + hip hop feel to it, with just a touch of spanish mood to it as well. I'm still waiting for the one song that can beat his FFVI remix though I liked the way he remixed this song though, more than his wild arms and wizards remixes. Don't suppose we'll soon get a chance to see "Out of time" or "Wicked child" done by him. Or even better yet, a megamanx remix? Great work DJ Crono. Keep the excellent work up.
  9. I still think the final boss of Demon's crest (Dark angel, or whatever his name is) is the most difficult one ever. Man, he's hard. Next is Mizar from Jet force gemini.
  10. Wow! I love this one. With great singing and all. The best ending theme remix of MM3 I've heard.
  11. This is wonderful, with the strings, flute, gitar and piano. Ahh, the memories, they're all coming back to me now... This is excellent work, you have to carry on with this stuff texx sound.
  12. Finally! I had heard an earlier version of this song, because I requested for demon's crest remix earlier, and yay! finally we have one in the overclocked archive. I like it, it differs from many other remixes out there. It starts of with in-game music and go over to a hard-rock-metal thing with pantera like drums. I think this is a great remix, original compared to alot of remixes out there. The game itself is great just as well, with plenty of good remixing possibilities. (If you can take a hint ) I give it a 4 out of 5.
  13. The first part freak me out, it seemed as a rip of Jared Husdon's Killer Instict remix, but when I heard the piano come in I was relieved. A nice music, every FF fan sould download.
  14. I liked the remix, but I could help but overhear the sample from gee I don't know... everywhere. I think one of them is from a Craig David song (am I right), his first one? The remix is crazy, and very original. A unique blend of emotions.
  15. AmIEvil has done many great remixes. My personal fave is Castlemania. *Could die each time I hear the piano section of that song* "LetThereBeLight" sounds like something Linkin Park would do. (This is a compliment.) And I think most of his stuff is great, you should check him out on the list of Remixers and download other songs by him if you can.
  16. I have to go with: 1) Final boss in Demon's Crest (What IS his name does anyone know? (Not Phalanx, the one with two forms) In a walkthrough I read Dark Angel? But elsewhere I heard something like "Dark Demon".) 2) Mizar (the final time) in Jet Force Gemini 3) Link's Shadow in Zelda 2 4) Final boss of Little Samson (NES) (No not the cheesy easy one, the tough one where you have to escape after defeating him, you can only play against him on HARD mode) (Password for final level is "&&&&" ) 5) Final two bosses in Tale Spin (NES) *this brings back memories* 6) King Breager from Gargoyles Quest 2 7) Dracula (Every damn Castlevania game) Also Sigma in MMX3 was a toughie, but done after a couple of tries. The Final boss of MM4 is dead easy, just dodge Wily's shots and charge your Pharaoh shot while you run back and forth in the room. Wily gets kicked to hell once you hit him a couple of times. You don't have to shoot, cos the energy ball above you does all the work for you... If you're any good, you can kick Wily's ass without loosing life nor energy from the Pharaoh shot. (By pressing start between hits and recharging.)
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