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  1. Finally, some love for the wily theme from megaman 4! I love that tune, and the remix is awesome! (im sure the others are great, but this is the first one I listened too, lol)
  2. kablammyman

    OCRA-0016 - Castlevania: Sonata of the Damned

    wow, this album is really really awesome. All 7 tracks are new favorites! I guess it also helps that I'm recently getting into Castlevania (played all the NES ones, part 4 on snes, finished circle of the moon on GBA LOOOONG ago, and symphony of the night recently) anyway, really good stuff man, I dig this style of music, and the music of the game in general, so Its a double win for me.
  3. kablammyman

    OCR01810 - Castlevania "Who's That Child?"

    this is my new favorite mix!
  4. kablammyman

    OCR01794 - Sonic & Knuckles "Sand in My Shoe"

    i really like this remix. It has an "E-40ness" feel too. Good stuff
  5. kablammyman

    OCR01698 - Cheetahmen II "Livin' Large!"

    Awsome....Ever since I heard some of the japanese remixes from kotaku.com I was waiting for teh day a good remix would show up here...and this is it! Well done! Also, fro the pepople who are not fimiliar with the game, here is a lil taste: http://kotaku.com/gaming/clips/worst-nes-game-evar-has-awesomest-music-316014.php
  6. !!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys stuck your foot in this! ( <- that means that it was well made) I REALLY like this mix. Im no music expert, so I cant tell you why, but yeah...good stuff
  7. kablammyman

    OCR01393 - Sonic & Knuckles "Catapult"

    this is a nice mix...I can pop and lock to this!
  8. kablammyman

    OCR01361 - Star Fox "Fortuna Favors the Funk"

    This mix is excellent! In fact, I love ALL the funk mixes from this site. Is it me, or does some parts early in the song seem to skip... Anyway, just so you composers know...people (maybe just me) dance to these funk mixes, so keep em' comming. Its like these mixes are made for popping and locking.
  9. kablammyman

    OCR01355 - Contra "Snow Field"

    very well done! I would never had thought that such a boring tune could be remixed into something so nice.
  10. very nice very smooth too...the vocals were a plus too! Very nice work.
  11. This is some nice work, I just wish it was longer.
  12. kablammyman

    OCR01311 - Super Mario 64 "Fleeting Ecstasy"

    this is a well done mix! I really like it.
  13. kablammyman

    OCR01300 - Super C "Against the Rest"

    !!!!!!! I love this mix....
  14. This mix is well done! I like this mix a lot...I can do the robot to this easily.