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  1. It's a beutiful song from the beginning to the end. Definatly a calm chilling song, and theres not many vocalist that I like, and I prefer songs without one, but this one is excellent. In my opinion, perfect for coming home after a stressfull day. It's worth getting, and ignoring all your friends who would call you a homosexual person. Then again, theres nothing wrong to be one, not that I am one ;;>.> Anyway, Good song, I love it, Definatly going into my iPod today before I go to work. And indeed, this is a good lullaby song too. :3 Thank you for this remix. <3
  2. Finally a metal slug remix <3 Seen the metal slug tank wandering around the page here and there but no remix xD Well, great remix! and lately been playing all the metal slug series over and over again and this remix came with perfect timing! Great job on the remix, love every second of it. This one goin straight into my special list.
  3. whole orchestra is way easier to find than single guitarist, duuh. well jk. I found the soong to be cool, the synth guiter is good for not beeing real, and he did a good work with what he got and made a good song. At least i liked it alot. -noddums-
  4. One of my favourite Zelda songs. Did a good job on this one, can get extremly addicting in short periods. To many jazz and no good overworld remixes (That I like, And I don't like jazz personaly, they did a good work on the songs but theyr not my taste.) Great remix.
  5. Great remix, been listening for it a while now, I forgot I had it, Simply love listening to it at nights when driving through the city (Only wish I drove a sport car T_T) Anyway, This song kinda remind me of Tekken Series, even thou it's definatly Street Fighter 100%, Tekken usually have simular type of song to their intro. Anyway, to the point. I love the song, It's great and one of the best. Only wish it was longer somwhat... 10/10 rating on me. Definatly exactly the type of music that is my favourite. A fresh homebaked cookie for you. :3
  6. Why make winter themed music in the summer!? :gonk: Fine little remix you got there. Good ratings for you. =3
  7. this songs gives me memmories back when i was playing this with a friend 2 days a row! And music from my fav. stage. Ish wuvs it. great remix!
  8. Always loved oriental songs, becouse they remind me where I'm orginally from. :3 Very good remix. Some parts eminds me alot of the Oriental Ragnarok Online music's. Good Job. :3
  9. Hoi mi goish, one of my top 10 fav songs. Wish it was longer, It's addictive for me. Have to listen like 3 times a row before I'm satesfyed to change to another song. X3 Reminds me of Daft Punk techno. Gawesome Remix. :3
  10. Whoa ha, Great remix! Lyrics cought me by suprise! Love it. Hope ocremix get more of your songs! :3
  11. Whaa. I simply loved the song. But yeah, listened to better. well, becosue of this song, I found this game at the adic! Got big urge to play it. hehe. Thx for reminding me about it. And for the cool mix. ^^;;
  12. This was the first song I dled at OC remix. And it's still my favourite of them all. :3
  13. Eeeep. It's gawesome. Never tought it would get piffed up later on the song, when I heard the beginning. One of my facourites CT mixes so far.
  14. Who ha, love the music, not so many music here have a vocalist. should be much more of em, great music! love it! I espesially love the Boss Intro Theme!!!!! the part in 3:28 - 3:35 "It may take some getting used too!" -ToxinTruck C&C Generals.
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