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  1. 5 hours ago, dish said:

    Is there anyone doing the art? I'll be interested to contribute some art. I used to play Tetris Attack with my wife as well.

    Is there any requirement you have in mind, Xaleph? I'll be happy to discuss.

    I know I have not been around this forum for 10+ years, lol. I previously drew & painted the art for "Sound of Speed" (Sonic 1 album). You can also check out my works on my website: https://www.dennyiskart.com/

    I love your art, it’s really good!  I know of a few items we need, I can talk to the others to see what was required.  I know for sure we’d need an album cover and a logo.  I have a concert for my son tonight but I’ll be in discord later.

  2. 8 hours ago, Nase said:

    i tried that one out after reading about it in your post, and it's quite good. it has a rather hifi sound that works well in contrast with the age old vanilla addictive drums 1 that i still use.

    i got the basic drum expansion plus the grit and yamz pack. so, 90 bucks for a lot of possible combinations.

    these aren't the most articulate and fine grained dynamic drums, the packs are pretty small (just 300 mb on the grit drums e.g.). old AD1 has way more dynamic range for subtle ghost hits and stuff.

    but they sound plain good, and are suitable for harder hitting rock/metal stuff that AD1 vanilla doesn't do well. so between the two, i feel i got all the drums i need now!

    it does seem though like ML Drums is crashing FL Studio when you try to export audio with it. that's pretty bad :P


    Drumming simulation VSTs can take a lot of memory for sure.  Ugritone is the same way - I often bounce/freeze/render these kinds of VSTs for memory purposes.

  3. DarkeSword just moved the post (Thank you!!)

    We had some others show interest - I do have the Lunar Panic mix mostly done, I'll be doing some touch-ups, fixing the ending and submitting it.  I'll likely move a lot of the status updates to the projects/albums discord channel.

  4. I really love how chill this is.  I realize it’s a WIP but there are some minor things you can do to make it feel more polished.  I’ll give more details later but the big picture is that there are subtle changes in percussion you can add/remove/modify to make it more alive.  First, don’t change the main kick and snare - that being mostly static gives stability to the piece.  The mid percussion (hand percussion and guirro) could have variation of velocity/length/ and maybe some pitch.  Additionally slightly humanizing it so sometimes it hits slightly before/after will make it sound more alive.  There are some tools that help do this (or you can play it live).  How you panned some of the mid percussion, and didn’t over do it is correct and sounds good.


    I like the subtle transitions, it sounds right.


    If there is anything I can do to help, I’d love to!  FF9 is a great game with an awesome OST and EDM is my jam!  I think the funk feel is perfect.  Feel free to jump into discord and ping me.  I’m looking forward to the next version.

  5. 16 hours ago, Sengin said:

    Gonna have to mention FabFilter for their top notch effects (their UI has basically become the de facto UI for digital effects), but especially Pro-Q, Pro-C, and Saturn.  

    Pro-Q is like an industry standard.  I see it everywhere.

  6. I really like the song and the mix.  The only critique I'd have (which isn't much) is that there is a midrange where the frequencies are just a little low or there isn't a lot of instrumentation (maybe over-filtered bass and percussion to give room for synths?)  It's just slightly noticeable but not huge.  I think overall your dnb music is fabulous and I really hope you do more vgm remixes.  We need more dnb imo and you have a really good knack for it.



  7. https://equipboard.com/xaleph if you want to know my gear


    • Reason Studio
    • Ableton Live
    • Audacity
    • Garage Band

    Notable VST/REs

    • Objekt (Reason RE - paid)
    • Serum
    • Vital
    • Kontakt (SAC, and others)
    • Spitfire Labs
    • Spitfire BBC
    • Ugritone (Doom & something else?)
    • Reason ( Kong / Radical Piano / Pangea / Klang / Mimic / Thor / Europa)

    Notable Effects

    • Guitar Rig Pro
    • Kilohearts
    • Reason (Audiomatic / Scream / RV7000 Mk II / Echo / Pulveriser / Sweeper / Synch EM / Alligator)

    Notable Utilities

    • Psyscope
    • iZotope Ozone Advance / RX
    • Musescore
  8. I was going to give this an official name (something better than "Tools we use"), but I wanted to start a post that lists some VSTs (free and paid) that I know a good number of us use for mixing.  This is not intended to be a clone of a list of all possible VSTs, or like 2 people in our community use it so we put it here.  It's intended to be a place to find out what others use in our space that we find particularly useful.  Just replying with a simple name of a product isn't good enough for me to put it on the list (for the reason I stated above) - though you can always respond with plugins you personally found among the most useful (or just most used in each song).  I want to avoid this being a junk drawer that has no real value.  The value will come with a curated list of tools that we feel are worthy.  


    For a list of DAWs we use and to find performers of specific instruments, please visit https://ocremix.org/workshop or ask in our discord.



    ? Sage Recommended


    1. Instruments

    1.1 Drums

    Addictive Drums by xln audio ($159 || complete: $869) [drums]

    ML Drums by ML Sound Lab (free) [drums]

    Steven Slate Drums by steven slate drums (free || $119) [drums]


    1.2 Samplers

    Native Instruments


    Spitfire Audio

    1.3 Synths

    Native Instruments

    Odin (free and open source) [semi-modular synth]

    ? Phase Plant by Kilohearts ($199) [semi-modular synth] 

    Pigment by Arturia ($199) [wavetable synth]

    ? Serum by Xfer ($189) [wavetable synth]


    • ? Omnipshere ($499) [hybrid synth] [wavetable synth]
    • Trillian ($299) [sampler] [synth] [bass]

    Spire by Reveal Sounds ($189) [synth]

    Surge XT (free and open source) [hybrid synth]

    VCV Rack (free || pro: $149) [modular synth]

    ? Vital (free || pro $80 || subscribe $5/month) [wavetable synth]

    Zebralette (free) [spectral synth]


    2. Effects

    Deelay by sixthsample (free)

    ? Guitar Rig by Native Instruments (playerfree || pro: $199)

    Helix Native by Line 6 ($399) [guitar amp]

    illformed Effects:


    ? Kilohearts Essentials by Kilohearts (free)

    Slate Digital

    • Fresh Air (free) [vintage exciter circuits and advanced dynamics processing]

    TH-U by Overloud ($269)

    Valhalla Effects:

    • ? Super Massive (free) [reverb]
    • Vintage ($50) [reverb]
    • Delay ($50) [delay]


    • ? OTT (free)


    3. Utilities

    FabFilter (Pro Q 3: $169)

    iZotope Utilities:

    • ? Ozone (elements: $49 || standard: $199 || advanced: $399)
    • ? RX (elements: $49 || standard: $299 || advanced: $799)

    SPAN by Voxengo (free) [eq analysis]


    • ISOL8 (free) [Mix monitoring tool]

    Tokyo Dawn

    4. Non-DAW Tools


    ? Native Instruments offers a starter pack with several of the recommended tools called Komplete Start (free)

    Free(ish) DAWs (https://bedroomproducersblog.com/2015/11/11/free-daw-software/ - he updates this regularly):

    • Reaper
    • Cakewalk
    • Sibelius
    • GarageBand
    • Audacity (audio)

    Cheap Stuff / Sales

    • Black Friday / Day after Christmas / Spring / Summer usually have sales
    • Humble Bundle often has VSTs, sfx, and samples.

    Heavyvocity has some good textural tools (instruments & effects)


    Sample Packs:


    To Add

    To Review

    SINE Player, Soundpaint, Musio
    Orchestral Tools, 8Dio



  9. This was the original above


    Below is the remix


    The original track has a lot of room to breathe, very specifically tuned drums to match the synth, and the synth has some mid/low EQ to really fill the space coupled with some noticeable reverb.  What you've added, especially around 0:48/0:49 with the bass really grounds the song, making it feel a lot fuller.  You'll need to make sure that the song feels full of energy and not just "busy" by adding a little more room for the melody to breathe.  Additionally, I would tune the drums in the same keys that the original song is to get a similar effect/feel.  Also - if you listen to my songs, I love panning drums - but make sure you're not over doing it.  We want it to feel frantic and full of energy - we don't want it to just feel busy and cluttered.  To do this, you can pick and choose what's panning, usually you'll want your drums to have relatively set panning locations maybe with the exception of closed hats (as you'll see often that there are 2 to 4 closed hats in this style music each with a preset pan to give the perception of movement, usually between 20L and 20R).  I think having the synth pan is fine, especially if the percussion is grounded - again the goal is chaos while avoiding clutter.  As a style recommendation, having a low end drum or rumble would really add a semblance of stability in the first 30 seconds to foreshadow your bass entering later.  This way it kind of teases that it's more than just this tension you have built up in the beginning.


    If you want to jump in the #workshop discord channel - feel free to @ me (@Xaleph) if you want to share screens to go over any of this, would love to see this song in a finished state!

  10. I really enjoyed this piece and have gone back to listen several times now.  I love the playfulness, the percussive fills, sfx choices, placement of the arp/melody, transitions, sound choices, pretty much nearly everything.  I do wish it was a bit longer, but that's mainly because I just like the song =)

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