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  1. I am an ameteaur, but I do have a decent idea for a remix for the Glowball Stage. I will provide a WIP soon. If I don't make it, that'll be okay. I'm still working on my skills.
  2. DAMN! I was gonna apply to remix the S&K Glowing Ball bonus level. But I see its been cut out. Or am I misguided?
  3. I only have tracks 1-9, and SuperSonicSka. I agree, it is cool. Not the best, but you did a good job on a 10 second original song . So far, only analoq's two songs are lovable, and Chemical Reaction is another cool one, but the rest I have are not for me. I stilled haven't found out how Project Aquatic is like Aquatic Ruins. House of Cards (The original Casino Night Zone is my favorite of the game) is very interest, hard to desipher from its original, but it gives it a carnival feel. The rest are not the best. I honestly don't hate them, or think they suck (And some songs take a couple of days before that 'awesome' factor kicks in for me) but I think it could have been much better. I think the project is still a success either way.
  4. Have you ever even listened to System of a Down? Well, I hadn't whenever I read that post. My girlfriend loves them and I coulda sworn she called them rappers...but anyway, I did get to listen to them pretty recently. And, you have to be pretty stupid to believe this was made by them. Just...ask yourself why they would.
  5. This was my favorite Donkey Kong ReMix out of Kong in Concert...hell, it's my favorite Donkey Kong remix! It starts out kinda quite and slow (In a louder way) then picks up a beat. Then it quiets at 2:10 to fade in with my favorite part of the song. It has lots of assorted beats and instruments and just completely rocks. I never got to compare it to the original though, so I am clueless on how they are alike. Doesn't matter, though. This song rocks and that's that.
  6. HOW is this System of a Down?! I thought they were all rap and stuff!? Secondly, why would they make a SHORT song about a VIDEO GAME!? That's just stupid. Anyway, I love this song. Interesting. Took me a while to understand the lyrics. A bit too short. I would have loved to hear a long version of it
  7. This song is awesome. It's got a really cool oriental theme. That won me over My only complain is that I can hardly hear the original at times.
  8. Well, I finally found out what this is remixed of...End Credits. I must agree, the guitars are corny, and the voice isn't good for any point past the intro. I also have to say that I disliked the way it ends. Oh well. Still, this song sounds pretty cool. I love the little rewind effect, too. I give it a 7/10. Good job.
  9. I almost went crazy when I saw a new ZAMN remix...then I DID go crazy when I heard that Protricity made it. I have to admit, this isn't my favorite remix by Prot, but it's one of the best. I love the original track, and the game itself. In the original, when that started playing, I could hear a monster going "Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah" to that tune. It's always sounded that way to me.
  10. I can't get enough of this song. I burned it to a disc (My fourth collection of VG Music/ReMixes) and listened to it over and over while on my boring vacation. I listened to it while lying in bed, watching the rain and lightning at night. It was so awesome. Great work, Prot.
  11. The thing is, this song has about 30 seconds of the original Flying Battery Zone in it. The rest is just some beat going with it. That's why I don't like this mix. But, that's just me, because I'm all about how songs compare to the original...so don't take this post very seriously.
  12. This song...ROX MEH SOX!!! I love this song so much...out of the 100 of ReMixes I have, it ranks a CLOSE 3#. Wonderful job again, Mazedude.
  13. I shoulda posted a while ago, but here's what I have to say. I love this ReMix, Mazedude is one of my fav remixers I tell you what. One prob...I can't find what this is a ReMix OF.
  14. Well,m this is a pretty awesome mix. Very nice and springy. Although I must say that the chirping wasn't the greatest for me, I liked hearing the 'Ghost Rope' sound more. But, still, a pretty good mix.
  15. I had a hard time placing this, until I got to 4:01. That's one of my favorite parts, Only because, what I love most about ReMixes is how you can hear the original part of a song. If something's too ReMixed to recognize the original track, I don't like as much as others. This was hard for me to do, but I still actually like this one alot. As for this Aquatic Ambience/Jungle connection, I don't hear a resemblence.
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