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  1. Man, orchestral composition is killing me. It's definitely something I'm going to have to get the hang of. After like 12 hours of work, this little 45 second bit is all I got (or all I'm letting anyone hear for now, the rest sucked too bad ^^ ). http://www.finalfantasy7.info/inciting_incident.mp3 Not sure exactly why I'm posting it now, this isn't a WIP forum .... I guess call it a preview or something? Speaking of, Claado do we send the final audition pieces to you in PM or post them here?
  2. I'm sorry, I'm SURE you explained this somewhere and I just missed it, but could you explain what you mean by supplying a "visual" along with our work?
  3. First off, sweet project concept Claado has come up with here. I'm really looking forward to hearing the final result. I'll get to work on my audition piece, though synth-free orchestration is a bit new to me. I would argue that certain limited synth work be allowed as (from what I understand) some of our greatest modern film composers use them to reinforce the orchestra, such as Hans Zimmer ("The Last Samurai," "The Lion King," etc.): my film composing god. However, he uses it VERY subtely and I can easily see synth work getting out of hand here so I'll respect your call on this. As for drum kits, I believe you can get fantastic battle music without utilizing any type of rock or electronic-style percussion. Take the "Pirates of the Caribbean" OST (my all-time favorite film OST). All traditional bass drum, timpani, etc. but it still packs a great punch. Of course, if that's what you meant by drum sets, than disregard this whole paragraph. ^^ I'd love to take/collaborate on a battle theme if possible. ^^ ....aw, we lost zircon? boooooo....
  4. This is the remix that turned me into an OCR addict. I've listened to it way too much and I still love it. I wish Ceracryst would show himself around here again ... I'm dying for more of this goodness.
  5. Fantastic. Been waiting to see this pop up on the OCR home page. I remember thinking that it was impossible to remix OWA and really do the song justice. ... so much for that theory. Congrats for proving me wrong. Still loving this remix, even after months of listening in the WIP forum.
  6. Spectacular. A wonderful way to introduce Windwaker to OCR. Great blend of classic Zelda melody and new material. Great strings. A well-executed, emotionally stirring work. Great job.
  7. Hey, I know this an extremely basic question and I'm sorry, but I don't have access to my operations manual at the moment. Can Reason open other types of song file formats (ie: FruityLoops, Cubase, etc.)? Is there a way to translate them into .rns format? If this just isn't possible, what's the best way to go about collaborations?
  8. Any suggestions of where to search for church or handbells?
  9. Just can't find that dream sound? This is the place to ask. Do everyone a favor and check the last few pages of the thread (at least) to make sure no one has already requested what you're looking for. Here's a compiled list of many of the resources this thread has come up with. ________Random sights and progs w/ soundfonts and VSTi's______ *Note: Some cost money! but most are free ________________General and Random sites/progs/publishers to google___________ Native Instruments Halion (prog) Kontact2 (prog) Liquid Bundle Natural Studios Arturia rgc:audio Sonik Synth 2 QuadraSID Samplefusion www.soundsonline.com (pay site) http://www.espace-cubase.org/anglais/page.php?page=freevsti (VSTi's) http://www.kvraudio.com/index.php?s=sounds www.kvraudio.com (VSTi's) http://preromanbritain.com/ymvst/ (atari) http://www.smartelectronix.com/~bram/ soundfonts.darkesword.com http://www.novakill.com/killerz.htm (vst) sf2midi.com Hammersound.net (sound font website) Florestan (sound font website) http://www.findsounds.com (breath sounds) sectionz.com Plugsound free (guitar stuff? -http://www.ultimatesoundbank.com/usb/exec/demo) http://www.musicbootcamp.com/audio_sample_library.shtml http://www.findsounds.com (sounds, fx) http://www.freewebs.com/qualitysoundfonts/index.htm soundfontdepot.com http://www.homemusician.net/ (sound fonts) modarchive.com(wav samples) http://web.hibo.no/~mva/viewreview.php?id=710 (VSTI apparently) ___________Guitars____________ BelaDmedia.com (Demos and what not, check Lyricsl Distortion, DO IT!) _____________Brass_____________ Kick Ass Brass (GREAT!) Greg Adam' Big Band Brass Squidfont(soundfonts.darkesword.com also has sfark unpackers! but here too http://melodymachine.com/sfark.htm) projectsam.com _____________Choir________________ $Magnus Choir VSTi [v1.0 $$$$East West (Quantum Leap) ($1000+ for some) http://gdream.n-zone.org/liens/download.php?id=51 (sf) http://oui.com.br/nando (female) http://www.papelmedia.de/sf2/sf2_uk_index.htm http://www.guraydere.com/soundfonts/ http://www.naturalstudio.co.uk/ns_piano.html Vocalplanet (website, just google it) ______________Piano_________________ Realistic Virtual Grand Piano VSTi [ver. 2.1 Bosendorfer 290 http://home.foni.net/~winfried-hubbe/ (click the disk icon at top) http://www.musik.auc.dk/%7Ebovbjerg/piano.html http://www.gsonic.com/maestro/ (rather big piano - decent drumkit also available) http://exce.ath.cx/~route909/download.html http://www.kvr-vst.com/get/597.html http://www.gbmuk.fsnet.co.uk/soundfonts.html (organ) _______________Drums___________________ http://www.natural-studio.co.uk/nskit_download.htm www.soundtempest.net http://www.funk-city.de/musica/Samples.rar http://www.musicmall-asia.com/malaysia/instruments/Erhu/ (oriental) http://www.dorumalaia.com/freerefillswavsamples.htm ___________Orchestra____________ Garritan Personal Orchestra (VSTi) Synful Orchestra (VSTi) sinfonia Cadenza http://www.audiomastermind.com/browse-choir-5887089-1.html http://home.foni.net/~winfried-hubbe/ (click the disk icon at top) http://www.musik.auc.dk/%7Ebovbjerg/piano.html http://www.gsonic.com/maestro/ (rather big piano - decent drumkit also available) http://exce.ath.cx/~route909/download.html http://www.titanicsf.com __________wheather effects_________ http://www.partnersinrhyme.com/soundfx/Weather.shtml If these don't work, google the root of the address and it might
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