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  1. Yes! Very Diablo-esque! Oh yes. hehe. Reminds me of those years I played Diablo 1 and crawled around in those catacombs. Hehe. - EX / mAnicmoogle
  2. I really liked this song. I wanted to bring up something I thought of when I fired this mp3 up. The beginning drum sequence starting at around 00:30 (that also comes back around 3:02) Sounds just like the beginning of Sakuraba's Arranged version of "Stab the Sword of Justice" from Star Ocean: The Second Story. For all that have seen my posts, I'll sometime comment on how much I love that game hehe...and anime for that matter lol. But yeah, the the sequence sounds very familiar. If you can find that track somewhere, you'll notice it too. But anyhoo, great song, I like it at 3:25-ish when that whole violiny part starts. - EX / mAnicmoogle
  3. I'm just gonna have to agree what everyone else says. It does sound a bit iffy at some parts. But yeah, past 2mins it gets quite nice. Just what I wanted to hear before heading off to work hehe. -EX / mAnicmoogle
  4. This was a nice remix to listen to. I agree with all of the criticism that has already been stated. But the only thing I have to say is that it sounded kinda like Radiohead for a second there towards the end hehe. -EX
  5. Geez, this song is stuck in my head 24/7. I went to my friend's graduation a few days ago and found myself singing the lyrics! O_o Omg, I love this song. hehe. I like the beats at the beginning and gotta love the lyrics!!! -EX
  6. Great stuff. Not gonna mention anything about the winamp prob hehe. Very good song. I was like O_O. The guitar work really was very well done, btw. - EtherealXero / ManicMoogle
  7. Star Ocean 2 is my favorite game. I own the soundtrack and I adore the music. I awoke one morning to find a little SO2 remix on the site, I was overjoyed, so I downloaded it. I was overcome with emotion. The nostalgia and the just plain splendid work simply moved me, especially when the emotion of the song reaches its peak. Teary eyed and content, I enjoyed the rest of my day. Nuff said. Beautiful stuff. My hat is off to you. -EX
  8. W00t! I dig it a lot. Dan did a great job with this! Can't really say anything else but download it. Download it NOW! -EX
  9. I liked it. Yes, it could be longer, but it was wonderful despite that. It kinda reminded me of Star Ocean towards the beginning. The way the instruments sounded reminded me of something out of the game. Very well done. =) -EX
  10. Kudos to AmIEvil! I've been enjoying this song ever since I first heard it. A keeper on my hard drive without a doubt. -EX
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