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  1. You All are severely De-railing this review. (I will listen to this Remix shortly, and post a compliment.) Edit: This is excellent stuff, tear-invoking phenomenal remix of a great creation of Nobuo Uematsu.. I Love it as much as I love ailsean's version of it.
  2. Holy god. This is one of those RARE remixes that actually grabs my attention to post a review for.. This is the kind of remix that is so banging and bouncing that I will probably never grow tired of it.
  3. OMG Man. This is an awesome remix, one of those remixes I can sing along to! I love it. And even if I haven't played FF4... I recognize the tune! Some titchy unimportant things linger, but it sort of adds to the natural aspect of the remix. Overall, I love it.
  4. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG This Remix is so emotion-yanking! God Its awesome! The bass in the beginning is great and adding Schala's theme to Chrono Cross' "Fields of time" Was a stroke of genius, Kudos and Much <3 to you and your exploits!
  5. Holy God. I already love you after 2 remixes, Standby. This remix is awesome, with some nice saw synth sounds althroughout. My hat is off to you sir!
  6. Wrong, Gurugu Volcano was derived from the Chaos Cave in FF. FF9 seemed to take alot of the previous FF games and implement them in its storyline. Remember Vivi? He is the black mage from FF. Remember the robe Garnet wears in the very beginning of the game? Identical to the white mage of FF
  7. OMG. The rythm behind one of the best songs in the FF soundtrack is kickass!! This seriously kicks ass. Listen to it... and headbang
  8. This one really gives the name its colors. I can actually tell that this would be the grave of Matoya, given the sad slow nature of this song. I applaud deim0s on the remix
  9. Oof. This one is a very WORTHY remix of "A Man with a Machine Gun" My hats off to Standby for the remix. I love the length of it, nothing repetitive in it either. And some very original moments are in there too
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