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  1. He remixed it and did a great job. I love the way this song keeps changing. The random sound effects and only add to the quirkiness.
  2. This song is great. It maintains its integrity all the way through. The electric guitar played off of the acoustic is wonderful. Truly one of the best songs on this site.
  3. This is among my top 5 favorite remixes. It's so smooth. The sax alone is lovely. The base kicks. I can't wait to get a car stereo worthy of the base on this track. The breakbeat is as good as it gets. Jaxx took risks with this song and it paid off large. I'm surprised there aren't more comments on this great song.
  4. It's excellent music. I was listening to it for the first time while working intently on a paper. It caught my attention. Like others have said: It's a very soothing song. NewAge-ish.
  5. Hardcore indeed. If you find yourself sitting still during this song, seek medical help.
  6. Wow, this may well be my first negative review. The original song was good enough to put into your car stereo. This sounds like he took the song and started playing with options on his editing program. It's more of a study of options than a remix. The only moments I enjoyed this remix were when the original came through undistorted and free of any other sound effects.
  7. One of the better remixes on this site (IMHO). Does everything right for me.
  8. Oooh what a great surprise. The intro threw me off and I almost didn't listen to the entire song. What a loss that would have been. This song is flat out ExcellenT. The bass definitely kicks my ass.
  9. The intro is one of the best I've heard on a remix. The song is fun after the intro too.
  10. One of the better remixes on this site. It made it to my Favorites A-E CD. Good stuff pretzel. The piano solo is too slick.
  11. This song makes me feel like I am in Ibiza at 3AM at a 24 hour rave. Lovely!
  12. The whole song is great, but the sequence starting at 3:00 is particularly soothing. Great job on this remix!
  13. No way he did that by mistake. I'm with Keith on this one.
  14. I guess I am crazy, but I really enjoyed this song.
  15. I really would have enjoyed the song more with more of the vocals. It definitely drew me in, but I think it would make the song that much more special.
  16. Thumbs up! I love the twists and turns and will go any place this song wants to take me. I like the sequence that starts at 2:20. Really cool. Sometimes I hear it in my sleep.
  17. CLASSY! That's the one word that comes to mind when I hear this. Another one of the songs I use to convert MTV watchers to OC Remix fans.
  18. The greatest things happen when we take chances. Keep up the good work Mustin!
  19. This song is fun! Certainly one of my favorite remixes.
  20. The transition at 1:19 is so cool. Quality stuff here.
  21. This is a great song. It's the one I use to convert people to OC music.
  22. The fact that it made my nephew cry is a testament to its absolute beauty. It was an interesting scene. He was sitting eating oatmeal and the song started playing. He started crying and I cried along with him.
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