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  1. You couldn't just say blank CDs and stamps? and a self-addressed package for me to send them back to you in but yes, Blanks & Postage.
  2. After hearing McVaffe and bLiNd's mixes of this track, I didn't think it was possible for a better version to be created. How wrong I was. I have no criticisms to give here. This is a beautiful, excellent composition and Vigilante should be very proud. I love it and I have a new favorite OC ReMix. YaY!!!!
  3. also, I've got every hi-quality VG Frequency mp3 archived. If anyone wants all of the episodes from #21 - current, they'll fit on 3 cds and I'd be happy to burn you copies- just send me a B&P. For those of you who don't know what a B&P is, (most-all of you) here are instructions: http://www.mcnichol.com/bnp/ PM me if interested.
  4. so Larry, what's the deal with the double-mp3 extension on each show? i.e. Larry Oji (Liontamer) - VG Frequency #31.mp3.mp3 just curious dawg. Just started up the show, I'm really going to enjoy listening to this if Vigilante's track is any indication. Where's dat #27 VHS tape? I've got a new address for ya I've you got it.
  5. wut? KOJI KONDO RETURNS?? YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  6. I AM ..anxiously awaiting the return of Koji Kondo!
  7. Congrats, Larry!! Awesome news. Now answer that PM I sent you.
  8. I definitely owned a copy of this game back in the day. Great mix, especially the piano jamming. I love high energy mixes like this that combine electronic synthesis with straight-up instrumental playing. Hope to hear more submissions, Shane!
  9. Larry Oji is serious about video game remixes
  10. I will do that! Thanks for the reccomendation.
  11. I need a good harp sample... anyone? edit: haven't heard it yet, but I believe soundfonts.darkesword may have what I'm looking for
  12. Yeah... I'm still waiting for Species to release #20 with the zyko interview. ( ::nudge nudge:: ) I've got #19 on my hard drive, and it's a 24 Kbps/22 Khz/mono mp3 compared to 96 Kbps/22 Khz/stereo on the high-quality releases. So they're pretty freakin' lo-fi What a difference 72 Kps makes! It's tolerable to listen to for the interviews, which 19 consisted mostly of anyway, due to the technical difficulties listed here. But the songs sound pretty shitty.. which is more tolerable when you're listening to the show live, but not so much when it's the archive and you've got the all those mp3's on your hard drive anyway. But the show is only about 21MB, TCK, and if you want I'd be happy to send it to ya through AIM or something sometime. Just message me if you're interested.
  13. Beautiful. Out of the thirteen remixes that Pr0t has had posted to OCR chronologically up until this point, I believe this to be his most well-developed and most creative mix. Must-have.
  14. Yep.. this is one of my favorite remixes on the site, and I had a great time introducing it on VG Frequency last weekend.. Lord PROTEKTOR!!!! Classic. I dig the Fillmore Funk, too (which, actually, was one of the first ReMixes I remember downloading + being floored by when I first discovered this site over two years ago) but this one just straight up rocks, and gets extra points for deviating stylistically from the original tune and making it sound so perfect. I'm awaiting DJP's return from his ReMixing hiatus
  15. Yep. This mix is outstanding. As for the genre.. it's total porno-funk, + some electronic weirdness in the middle. Haven't heard the VGMix version yet, but honestly I think that this mix is just about perfect.. I wouldn't change a thing about it. I like the weird breakdown in the middle, but maybe because I've been listening to music which includes similar sounding parts for some time now.. Mischief of a Sleepwalker by Sound Tribe Sector 9 comes to mind. I don't think I'd like to listen to 4 minutes of this stuff, but a little insanity in the midst of an absolutely beautiful track is fun and different. Binster, I hope you continue to make music for us! You've got some serious talent. ....and I really need to play this game sometime. With your mix and SGX's, there are some stellar remixes coming out Ico, not to mention all the wonderful things I've heard about the graphics and gameplay.. and I did see it in the bargain bin at EB once (a while back). I'll have to keep an eye out for it..
  16. Don't sweat it, L-dogg! We're all busy right now, and I doubt that either of us would have much time to sit down and listen to it if you could release it anyway. Thanks again for having us, and good luck on your work this week - don't spend too much time watching that video we gave you
  17. oh oh.... we figgin' to roll out to Emory!!!
  18. OK.. After listening to this some more, I have to admit that I was a little too harsh on it in my review.. because it has grown on me quite a bit. My problem with the lead, like others have noted, was the brief, staccato nature of the playing. It sounds choppy to me.. make those notes flow. I have played guitar for a while now, and listen to plenty of guitar-based music, but just like anything musical, a person's taste in guitar tone is completely subjective. To clarify what I meant when I said that I felt the mix lacks depth - I think it would have been great if Menbah had multitracked a few more guitars, instead of just having one acoustic and one electric. The lead emulates the melody of Aerith's theme exactly- which isn't bad, but I think it would have sounded better to have another electric or two playing some solos to spice it up a little. and put some BASS in there Just little things I noticed which I felt would have gave this one some extra punch. But overall, a good first submission from MENBAH!
  19. I agree with the multitude of comments about the dry lead. It needs some SUSTAIN.. but it's not just that.. 'screechy' is definitely an accurate description. IMO, it's not very good playing. example: 1:15. What the heck was that? Don't know if this was intentional, but it sounds like a 'wrong' note to me. Overall, this electric guitar is a bit lacking in the soul department. This mix isn't terrible; it does some creative things with the somewhat-celtic vibe and the.. buckets, but personally I think I'd prefer a dope sampled beat to those, as well as some actual rearrangement. Bottom line - creative vision; lackluster execution. This mix lacks depth.
  20. It's cool, HLS. I had never thought to make a sequencer track for the mixer.. I'm learning new stuff with this program every day!! Muchos gracias, Danny!
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