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  1. Easily, easily the best project on the site and probably the best remix project I've ever heard. There is nothing I would change here. I would probably put the entire thing on my MP3 player if it would fit. Everything on here is composed of pure awesome. In short,
  2. I think the detuning of the organ is a little much, perhaps you could have it fade into being detuned in a certain part of the song? With it being there all the time it's kinda distracting, I guess you could say. I like the water bit at the end, it works well with the song and with the level it's remixing. Whether cliche or not, to my ears it works.
  3. A direct download solution is good too but IMHO Rapidshare is kinda annoying to use... a download "wait" timer and they block you for ~1 hour if you download more than one large file at a time. If you could find a less annoying solution it would be much appreciated. ...Course, I'm likely going to be using the torrents anyway, so feel free to ignore this opinion.
  4. Very nice stylistically. I can definitely groove to this. A bit repetitive. The main theme repeats a lot with various overlays; try to mix it up a little in the later parts. Dunno about the rap, I could see it but personally I'd prefer it if this just got a little more varied. Nice work.
  5. This mix is seriously awesome, as is the entire Artifact of Power series. I wish I could hear a real orchestra play through these tracks.
  6. Usually I use Daemon Tools (linked is the last non-adware version) for that sort of thing. It is pretty easy, just a waste of space IMHO. Please don't take it as an insult or anything that I made that suggestion; no "badmouthing" was happening. I wish people wouldn't take things the wrong way.
  7. The Special Edition is aimed to have 3 CDs and will be released as ISO's (via Torrent) I would really prefer it to be released as FLACs, as ISOs will just waste download time for something I'll be converting to FLAC anyway. (FLAC is bit for bit exactly the same as the original audio, only smaller. The compression process actually stores an MD5 of the track to make sure of this.) Anyway, definitely looking forward to the release, keep up the good work everyone.
  8. From what it sounds like, you've been working as hard as you could on the project. I don't think anyone's blaming you for it being late, I mean, it's been more than a year, another few weeks won't matter that much. Is there anything we can do to help you out?
  9. Well, assuming there are no plans to license the original music from Square Enix and sell the album, I would think a "non-commercial use only" soundstage would be fine. And for my choice of track, I choose Track 24 - The New Beginning (Sleepy Emp) because I recently played through Radical Dreamers again and the music is familiar. ;^)
  10. Someone has to send a link when this is released to Yasunori Mitsuda, I think he'd really like it. Really looking forward to the release of this. I have a feeling the tracks will be staying on my playlist for a long time. Great work Compy.
  11. You should submit it as you did before I would assume (looking at the submission guidelines), just make sure to state it as a revision.
  12. Continuing the off-topicness, I think Chrono Trigger: The Movie could be done in two or three parts, which would avoid having to cut a lot of the story out and would instead allow for expansion of character development, etc. Great script nonetheless though. I'm almost entirely sure this project will the best of the ones thusfar.
  13. Agreed. I was about to post something similar to this. The drums seem to keep the song flowing. I like the mix going on here.
  14. Like I have heard said of many classical composers, to change one note in this mix would be to lower its quality. Definitely a 10 out of 10 mix.
  15. This is some great rock interpretation, IMHO on par with Game Over's previous great work (I have to buy their CD once it comes out). Definitely staying on my playlist. Well, since you asked...
  16. This mix just made me smile. The arrangement here is absolutely great. And honestly, the technical areas where it falls can be ignored quite easily. Good job.
  17. ...Wow. Nintendo should licence this and make it an ending theme for the next Zelda title. It's that good.
  18. I honestly thought I downloaded this from OCR before (I've had it for several months now) but this mix is the shit. Possibly my favourite OCRemix, period. Lots of changes in instrumentation, never gets boring. I NEED MORE!
  19. Excellent, innovative work. Need more. OK, well, the first part is a bit silent, still a good intro though. Guitar very nice. Everything in the middle is top notch I think, very nice. Last bit is interesting, I think it might be better if the dissonance were more... organized, but meh, not like I could do better. Very nice
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