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  1. It'll have to be a really groundbreaking experience to convince me that Square hasn't been overrun with Jpop-obsessed circle jerk drama freaks who can't make a storyline that expands beyond already annoying JRPG character archetypes. The trailers haven't helped. I suppose I may have to "play" the game rather than hype it? Eff this.
  2. I thought FF10 was utter crap until I moved to Japan. Now I realize it is ffffffffkin brilliant.
  3. Great track -- except for the first 10 seconds I thought there was a mosquito in my headphones. No joke.
  4. Why does everyone implicitly hate this track? I've heard goofier music on this site.
  5. Some observations following the quake/ tsunami: - I live in Osaka which was only lightly shaken by the quake and unaffected by the tsunami. It is very much 'business' as usual here -- no days off work or major interruptions of infrastructure. That said, there is a general specter of despair and worry that sneaks beneath the normalcy. People here have a vivid recollection of 1995 and they are holding their breath... - Nevertheless, people are out shopping, partying, laughing, etc. There's an odd patriotism to it: "We must shop to support the economy" they say. I was on Dotonbori last Sunday a
  6. Some buildings swayed as far south as Osaka. I'm on the fourth floor and the building was creaking. Nothing all too bad beyond that down here though.
  7. Colonel Campbell in MGS2. This face is imprinted in my nightmares. (Some spoilers in here)Also, the final dialogue with Rose & Campbell (JFK) before you fight Solidus. Scared the shit out of me on an intellectual level. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_W4EV-ikJY (Mad spoilers in here.)
  8. I was listening to this while working out the other day and found myself shouting "OKKUSENMAN!! OKKUSENMAN!!" at the appropriate moment.
  9. Every time I see the floating item box I automatically assume it is AD. ...or Prot.... Also my sig has been on every forum of the internet everywhere, but my last one got baaaaaleted by photobucket. Fun.
  10. "OCR IS SERIOUS BUSINESS. HOW COULD THIS BE POSTED. MY EARS HAVE BEEN BRUTALIZED. CAPS LOCK. BLAHBLAHBLAH. WHAMBLEWHAMBLE, QQ, LYNCH DJP ET CETERA." God, lighten up already. This mix isn't brilliance, and I'm certain no one would try to defend as such. But it is hella catchy and rather funny in its self-aware lameness. These are the types of mixes that keep me coming back to OCR. Also, anyone actually offended by these lyrics hasn't been on the internet longer than a week.
  11. End of FFX -- but only after I experienced something quite similar IRL. (When I first played I was like "pffffft... cheesy")
  12. Great source. Good ambient vibe. Awful, awful, awful title. Wasn't digging some of the middle sections, but the overall composition is quite smooth.
  13. I got Mark of Kri for the art design alone and went in about two hours before I decided everything was just a series of gimmicks. Eh... maybe I am just impatient.
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