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  1. I really like this track, its alot less distorted, more legible than "Broken Mirror Reflection" the only deciding factor for would be a more passionate theme with BMR or a more up beat theme for this one. In either case VERY good track, i had listened to the beginningin of the track but always got side tracked and never heard the whoel thing, heck, i didnt know there were any vocals in this track until last week. very well done, A++++++ on my record
  2. Dances with Wolves meets Van Halen, hell, short but SWEET from AmIEvil. Another great masterpiece from the MASTER of the pieces.
  3. I realyl liked this mix, a bit on the short side, but very good to listen to. I really lieksd the marching military drums and gong in this track, one thing i could say is that sometimes it lacks power, not raw power like bass, but it just sorta sounds like its in midi format.... uh... hang on a sec..... *takes earplugs out of ears* oooooohhhh....... nevermind, definately powerful. Very nice track, has that oriental cultural feel to it, also has that heroic touch to it. good piece, VERY good piece. Kudos to EgM for a powerful, heroic track.
  4. if there's an orchestral enthusiast out there that hasnt heard of OCR's wonderful collection of orchestral remixes, i would suggest letting them listen to this one first. the intro is very unoragnized yet still seems to have created a renegade melody, right until about 0' 50" where the drama starts to kick in. follwing the short little introduction, the listener may think "man, this track sucks, who the hell made this crap!?" well, they can think that until about 1' 22" where the percussion takes over and really gives the piece power. Now right at about 1' 35" is where tears usually come from my eyes, ABSO-FU**ING-LUTELY BEAUTIFUL At about 2' 00" the real melody of the song takes over for the rest of the track, despite a brief intermisison from it at about 3' 17" to about 3' 43" as the drama created earlier begins to diminish, the chorus takes over and replenishes it as part of the "Grand Finale" effect at about 4' 34" The ending is very well integrated, i'll leave you to decide about that yourself =) all in all, this track is probably my favorite orchestral piece on this site, and most likely my favorite on the site, no other song i listen to can bring tears to my eyes every time quite the way this one does.
  5. GOOD GRAVY I LOVE THIS THIS TRACK!!! i've loved almost ALL of AmIEvil's pieces, but this one takes the f**king cake!!! a real smooth yet pounding beat that you can really dance to. Will make your most depressed feelings shatter like a martini glass to granite. altho i could say it sorta moves away from the original at points, that doesnt mean it cant be SOME SERIOUS TUNAGE!!! MAJOR THANKS to AmIEvil for making such an awesome track, you dunno how many of my bad days you just turned around
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