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  1. I'll break the mold here and say that I'm pretty damn excited about this.
  2. Holy Christ. Those pipe organ samples are so vicious. It feels as if I am stepping into the throne room of Satan himself.
  3. Plenty of games. Though I'd like to point out that listening to the main theme from MGS3 alone made me go out and play the entire series.
  4. So I got the expansion the other day and have been making routine trips to on-campus locations with solid wireless connections to play. I entered Outland once I hit 58 on my main and made it to 59 in virtually no time at all (once I stopped being ganked every two minutes or so, which still happens). So far it's nice, as pretty much all the quest rewards have saved me oodles of cash by replacing outdated greens and blues from pre-expansion (Even my Tier 1 items, IBS, and DHC are on the verge of being outdated). The items with + to mana regen have remedied my previous problem of expending too much mana with the Aimed + Arcane Shot cycle, and the additional armor is nothing to scoff at. Hellfire peninsula is quite possibly the ugliest zone in the history of MMO's (Tied for first with Ascalon from Guild Wars: Prophecies), but the rewards are too nice to avoid going there completely. Currently working on getting the 30 marks from each BG to get an epic mount, which doesn't seem too difficult right now, though getting the money for the lessons will be a different hassle (not to mention sitting through at least another 7 AV's, much less getting into them). Got about 8 from each in one brief night, and I have to say it's nice that there is no longer a wide gap of survivablity between the regular 50's and what were the epic 60's (which have now gone off to the 60+ BG's and arenas). One big problem though is the unending problem of Warlocks. I don't want to jump on the "THEY'RE OVERPOWERED WTFFUXXORZ BLIZZARD!?!?!?" bandwagon (especially being a hunter and having hardly any room to talk there), but I've laid down shot after shot, crits and all, and hardly even make a dent on those cloth-wearing, fear-casting sons of bitches (No offense to and Lock players here). Every single time I go up against a Lock one-on-one I've been grabbed by the ankles and sodomized by their axe-wielding pets, DoTs, and fears. I have virtually no strategy against them as it is. I tried denying them their mana, but by the time the DoTs and the pet are on me, it's already over. I've tried nailing them with Aimed + Arcane + Multi shot and Serpent Sting (straight out damage), but their HP is simply ridiculously high. Upon asking some of my friends what to do, the only advice they could give me is "Run.", which also hardly ever works due to Intercept Stun. Does anyone have any tips on fighting Warlocks? It's pretty disappointing being the sole flag guard, Shadowmelded in the corner, getting the complete jump on a Warlock who is three levels lower than me, and still losing the fight.
  5. I'd love to get back into this game while my PS2 is busy chewing up and scratching the shit out of my games, but the latency from the on-campus connection is extraordinary. I'd be lucky to play with a ping <1500. Also, I've heard there are way.... waaaaaay too many Blood Elf paladins.
  6. Pretty much anything by Blind Guardian. I'd also like to add that their new album is amazing.
  7. Woosh. That's one helluva bug to go unchecked, even for such a short period of time. The determination of WoW's players to find and use exploits has never ceased to amaze me. Alternatively, I've been reaping the benefits. In my quest to finally get an IBS, I came in on an AV that took maybe took 15 minutes to end in victory.
  8. Oh man, been so long since I touched this game. I have many fond memories in Disciples of the Mix, mostly because we made it to the upper 100's in the guild ladder while we spent most of the time calling each other fags over teamspeak and vent. Good times, goooood times. Also, gratz on the HoH win Kak, I know how long you've been trying .
  9. Here's the deal with Facebook. I always found it somewhat frightening that you could pretty much search people by name, and have no trouble at all finding out information about them that they would probably never give to you in person. At my school (which is more like an institution of drinking parties and parents who have too much money to throw away at their kids thinking they're getting an education), I would be incredibly surprised if Facebook wasn't the #1 site visited on campus. Hell, my roommates don't know how to chck the weather on the internet, but they know everything about Facebook. Now, it used to be that there was usually some sort of buffer zone as to how much you wanted someone to know about you or not. Is that guy a little too wild? Don't give him you number. Is he kinda ugly? Don't give him and inch. Is he getting a little creepy? Just walk away. But with Facebook, if he knows your name, then you've already stepped on the slippery slope towards him calling you every ten seconds wanting to go to lunch, or wondering why you aren't at his party, or so forth. Now you might say that there are still buffers, such as whether or not they will put you on their friends' list or not, or how much information they actually do put on Facebook, and I've seen both work with varying degrees of success. However, opening up my Facebook account right now, I can find out the residence of about 50% of the people on my list, 70% of the phone numbers, and about 95% of the AIM addresses -- all of which you would probably consider something that in normal conversation would be something you wouldn't just pass out to ANYBODY (Well, maybe not AIM address), and yet I can catalogue them freely right here before me. And I'll tell you this, about half of the people on this list I have seen ONCE before, if that. Maybe at a party or some other social gethering, or they ended up in one of my classes and added everyone first day, hell some of which I cannot remember at all who they are, others just popped up from my residence hall. Now if I were to go up to these people and tell them straightforward "I have your phone number, and I know where you live", I think they'd be pretty freaked out about it, even though I was completely invited in to all their information. So while the news always has this wild and crazy stories about how some girl got kidnapped because of information on her Myspace/Facebook, or how someone was stalked and threatened because they had his Facebook info, I think the thing people fail to realize is that they are passing out information they would probably never hand out if they met half these people in person. All that aside, I'm not trying to discredit Facebook or anything. I've used it myself with quite a bit of success, and it makes keeping up with old high school friends that were never really close but nonetheless fun people very easy. But after seeing just how much impact Facebook has had on college life, especially with freshmen, it made me wonder just where we'd would be without it, especially when the servers are constantly congested with thousands of people checking their facebook accounts twenty-something times a day, or how there was some sort of happening with my friends that they failed to mention to my face but remembered to tell me a million times on Facebook .
  10. The Xyco

    Sony PS3

    A couple of my roommates walked away with FOUR systems. FOUR They camped out for the past week. Now they're sleeping before they put them up on eBay. One of them was offered $2500 in cash just outside the parking lot of Best Buy. With an input of roughly $2400, they're going to easily quadruple their initial investment. That's some hella stock value.
  11. Been waiting for this one for a LOOOONG time, and I was pretty upset when I found out it wasn't released initially on Chrono Symphonic. Sounds great, though I too get the "muddy" feeling.
  12. I have yet to play the game, but I can already tell it's going to be a gigantic allegory to the original Star Wars.
  13. The Xyco


    I'm taking the same course as well. It's essentially High Shcool Precalculus. We covered polynomial functions, complex numbers, and other sorts of related material for our first section which we were just tested on last week. For the second section we're starting now, we're going into graphical representation and functions of the previous material. Granted, I haven't had a serious math course since my sophmore year in high school, but of the courses I'm in now, MAT 111 is my biggest concern. So far, I've managed to already enormously screw up in the class already (I got a 49% on the aforementioned test, but that's mostly because I barely touched the homework and didn't study), however, I would hesitate to say the course is difficult. After speaking with my professor, he advised me to work on extra problems in my studies to understand the types of questions on the exams better.
  14. This is assuredly very djp-ish. It's smooth and full of atmosphere, the strings sounding very familiar. I read "Yuki Kajiura" in you're writeup and immediately grabbed my headphones. Having been an old fan of her work, and you being the one originally suggesting her music, AND this being the big 1500, I knew I had to have it. Here's to another 1500. Long live djp!
  15. Anyone else having trouble watching the movie? I'm getting one of these: The movie will play, but I only get audio.
  16. Sounds awesome zircon. Can't wait to hear it.
  17. Oh... duuuhhhh... You know I did look, but I never actually found them til' now. Thanks. Also, ep.50 was amazing. You guys rock my world.
  18. Mostly here Yeah, I was just about to edit that post of mine . I mean, more specifically list the songs used. I haven't been having a good day posting so far =(
  19. You think you guys could include a list of the songs you play in the background (now that the contest is over)? I keep hearing all this awesome music playing in the background, but I don't know where it comes from.
  20. Yay! This means that tomorrow will hopefully run as smooth as today. You guys are my entire work day. The daily grind of typing up endless amounts of interrogatories foor civil pleadings is enough to make even the most chipper worker want to croak. VGDJ slows that process. Also, I'd like to note that this is the first post made from my shiny all-new Conroe-powered notebook.
  21. Flow basket was really encouraging. I can't wait to get Fruity Loops and start experimenting with some different songs.
  22. I won't admit to being the biggest rap fan on the planet. In fact, there has been many a time when I've pulled up next to a Mustang rolling with a full body kit pounding with "bootybootybooty" and I've wanted to roll my windows down shouting "Turn that shit off!" However, this ReMix has really changed my mind about the genre. It's fun, funky, and all around a really enjoyable song that I love to listen to at work, home, and in the car. It really made me respect rap a whole lot, and actually got me to start listening to it on a fairly regular basis. Of course, living in the South in a predominately white upper-class neighborhood within a relatively segregated city and driving a Volkswagen, I can't exactly roll down the windows blaring "YA'LL MY NIGGAZ" without having to dodge some bullets, but I still love to listen to this ReMix. It's highly original in concept and production, and stands as what I consider to be a milestone in OCR's evolution right up there with Little Mac's Confession and Squaresoft Variation.
  23. Server: Thunderlord (PvP) Lapis > 52 Hunter > Alliance Aisen > 16 Warrior > Alliance Server: Executus (PvP) Rashid > 12 Rogue > Horde Be sure to identify me as "The Xyco" since I'll be going back to that username in August.
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