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  1. Wait wait wait.... I'm suddently a jazz fan! And not Utah...they stole Boozer those #$*&@#$&*#@&! Anyway this is the second piece of multimedia that I've come across in two days that has just completely OWNED (the other being the Bourne Supremacy) But seriously...this is REAL good. I've heard some good Megaman 3 intros...my favorite is still Slowbro's but this earned a silver medal. Nice WORK. P.S. Can you teach me to play the piano like that?
  2. hooooooooooooooooooooooooo let's find some adjectives to describe this remix: load-blowing, lick-shredding, BOMBDIGGITYSHNOAUW! Seriously at that part where the engine throttles up.......yeah it's just woot. Wingless or whatever your name is.....NICE MIX, DOG! If I ever have to write one of those "Who would u invite to eat dinner papers" for college, yeah it's gonna be like: LeBron James, Ronald Reagan, Radiohead, The Pope, and WINGLESS
  3. love it just love it. Definitely the BOMBDIGGITYSHNOAUW
  4. This mix is the BOMBDIGGITYSHNOAUW! This is how much I love this mix. This is the first thing I've posted on these forums in years, it's the first song I gave a 5-star rating in my WMP media library, and I work out to it. yeah and whoever said it's a great song to whistle to...TIS
  5. If I could have dinner with only 3 people, I'm going with: Shigeru Miyamoto, Tri-Ace (developer of Tales of Phantasia and Star Ocean) and well...What do u like to eat, Dale?
  6. This song in my opinion is one of the coolest video games songs of all time. I love what this guy Protricity has done with it. You guys remember the Bramble levels. That last one with Squaks was BITCH hard. I love DKC2. Definitely in my personal list of Top 10 Games of all time. This song is definitely in my list of top 10 OCremixes.
  7. good point Final Fantasy Adventure wasn't even part of the Final Fantasy Series. The just put the name on it so it would sell. Turns out this was one of the coolest GB games, with it's Zelda-like style. As far as the tune, I like it. I wasn't blown away but it's fun to listen to. I could pick out the melody but it was a little hidden.
  8. This song ROCKS BALLS! I can't get enough of the Piano arrangement. HELL YES
  9. I'm editing my post from a while back. I'm advising you to get this song. It is still the best song on this site, and one of the best instrumental pieces I have ever heard. HANDS DOWN. And there's a TON of good stuff on this site. This song makes me want to do 2 things. Get the hell up and Dance, and learn how to play the drums. You're still reading...why? You don't get it, do you. You should have clicked 'back' a long time ago. You'll understand once you hear it. You might as well just loop it. I play it in my car driving to work. It just stays on repeat.
  10. HOOOOOO MAN I mean are you KIDDING ME This is SICK, doggs, SICK.....wait...I'm listening to it again right now.....HOLY SHIT! THIS SONG KICKS.....Nothing beats the Nintendo stuff
  11. HELL YES Great remix here. If you like Chrono Trigger, download this....if you don't like chrono trigger, download this
  12. lol you lost it dude.... This song is really tight. I especially love the drums. all you have to do is look at who made it to know that it's a MUST DOWNLOAD.
  13. This is the best Megaman 3 Title Theme I've ever heard. SnowBro is KING of this song. I have been known to listen to 3:30 over and over. I seriously blow my load everytime the song comes to this climax. If you download 1 techno song on this site, make it this one.
  14. Yeah and when he summons "BLUE SCREEN" you're screwed, dogg...
  15. MASA&MUNE?! ARE U KIDDING?! OK here they are: Bebop in TMNT2 the arcade....if u even GOT to him. Motaro in UMK3 on Master and Very Hard. Just forget it. THe games programmers don't ALLOW you to win. And the all time hardest boss to beat: Spirit that Haunts King Dedede in Kirby's Dreamland 2 for GAME BOY. (U only fight him if you got the rainbow sword) has anyone EVER beaten this guy?????
  16. MAN, THIS TUNE IS SICK! The beginning is mos def the BEST PART. The drums were a little much, but it don't even MATTER after that beginning. About time someone grabbed the ORIGINAL NINTENDO prelude and did something with it. It's Number 3 of all FF preludes I've ever heard.
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