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  1. Aye, Unmod is a scary place. That's why I rarely ever go in there. n00b
  2. Holy crap Coop, you're going to break the 10000 limit. Oh, and bumb for good measure.
  3. I was hoping that that would be for the MSU Bobcats. But my dream were crushed. Crushed I say!
  4. Hah, now you can visit Unmod. Not that I recommend it. The stupidity seems to be running a bit high today.
  5. Oh yeah, don't listen to anyone who hasn't been here for over a year. Because they're all retarded.
  6. You crazy mofo. Stop filling their heads with crazy ideas. I like you...but you're crazy!
  7. There is nothing vulgar about Unmod, you all seem to be mistaken. Shame on you for filling his mind with such slander.
  8. I haven't been real impressed with bittorrent. It's a little slow even for my 1.5 broadband. I'll be sticking with the classics for now: for the file names. for the files themselves.
  9. I just beat Homeworld 2. It was impossible without cheats, and even with them it was still way too damn hard. That entire game is like a nightmare of never ending invincible bosses.
  10. Sephiroth in FFVII *bursts out laughing* Just kidding.