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  1. Beautiful remix...and no, there isn't Aeris' theme (I don't get why people confuse the Aeris and Aria theme with each other...they sound similar, but the melodies are noticeibly different) Must here for any FF fan!
  2. That's it. Everyone but Proticity should be banned from remixing DKC2 themes...no.no, I'm kidding. But the truth is, his remixes are so great, they are almost tough to beat. This one being one of them. Just a relaxing and laid-back remix, probably my favorite now. The forest theme is one of my favorite themes in DKC2 (but Bramble and swamp themes beat it!). Now, I'm just waiting for a Kannon's Klaim remix!!!
  3. There you have it folks, a song that describes what an FF fanboy would be singing...JUST FREAKING HILLARIOUS The flash is also HILLARIOUS too!
  4. If I was to play this song to some one who did not know FF4, they would not even realize it is from a video game. It is easily comparable to some of the other male rock vocal songs out there. This has got to be one of the best remixes here...the guitars, the lyrics. Only problem is the singing (its kind of iffy at some places), but overall, this remix rocks!!
  5. When I first heard this tune on ormgas, I heard something that sounded like Chrono Trigger's Ocean Palace, but when I checked the website, it said Final Fantasy VII. I didn't expect to find a remix of two great rpg songs in one. Great remix, changing from soft instrumental to a trance-like beat.
  6. That....was amazing. Just as it was said before. This is what OCRemix is about. It is just not whether the remix is a masterpiece...sometimes it doesn't need to be. It just had got to be unique and have something that stands out. In this case, its the rap. I can see why the judges agreed easily that this remix should be posted here. It's 'da bomb (yet I never played the game, prolly most of the users here have never have played or even heard of it). Will I burn this song with some 50 Cents or OutKast...prolly not!!
  7. I can describe this remix in 4 words, short, funky, groovy, and must-have. Yes, its short, but hey, its pretty groovy...gotta love the rhythms!
  8. I'm feeling the groove to this one...just some good music to dance to..hehe.
  9. You can call me crazy, but this song somewhat reminded me of Madonna's song "Music" (is that the name) mainly due to the similarities of its electric beats and synth. This is a good remix of the E Honda theme, though a remix of this theme with less funk could be better.
  10. Whoah....how did he pull it off. Combining both Metrocity Zone from Sonic 2 and Hydrocity Zone from Sonic 3. This is just a kickin-ass remix. I liked how he switched from each of the songs while keeping the rhythm and style going. Also, cool sound effects as well!!
  11. This song has a good beat and some decent instrumentation. But IMO, this isn't the best remix of Time Circuits/Zeal here. Still, not that bad of a start for a newcomer. But I think The Graceful Failure should change his name to The Graceful Success.
  12. YES! Its been a while since FF6 has had a remix! And this time, its Figaro Style. I like the use of brass and how he did the piece. First, it was classical sounding. Around 1:45, the drums kick in for a jazzy style. Later, the organs come rolling in providing a classic rock style that just rocks. Another great remix from JigginJonT that uses great instrumentation.
  13. I could just burn this onto a cd full of classical music by some you know Beethoven, Mozart, those stuff, and people would just think it was just another classical musical composition...hahaha, its from a video game! A great theme, taking one of the sad tunes from SMRPG, and turning it into Beethoven-like music...seriously...just listen...it is da bomb!!!!!!!!
  14. You just got to give credit to DJPretzel on this remix. A great funked up remix with a good synth solo.
  15. The jazz arangement sounded good, but it was kind of a little too soft and short. Still, a nice song by a newcomer!
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