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  1. Mario Paint! (Ba-ding!) Ooooooooooh! Yes, I love this remix. Doesn't sound like much, maybe a chilly beat for the icebox, but nothing special... until 00:27. Then it begins taking off with the quick tapping sound, then more techno instruments. It just gets better from there on out, including the chanting entrance to the... game. Anyway, nice one. Made it to my CD at least!
  2. A good remix for a good game. This does major justice to the Bubbly Clouds theme. Relaxing, but not so to put you to sleep. The kind of music you could sway back and forth to. Yes, it truly fits this level. Grabit.
  3. Whoo! Gotta say, I loved the music for this game! Probably the best before the Dreamcast and stuff came out. Anyway, it goes along the lines of the original, but a good change in instruments. It was the one I forgot to rip from the game file I had, and I'm glad I found this and put it on the same CD! One of the best, except for the classic Sega ending mix that was in there. Love it.
  4. Oh yes, the Kirby with the baseball cap and megaphone... or is it announcer's mike? I can't remember. Anyway, good use of that sound in there. Good fast tempo which matches the game perfectly. You could play this on almost continuous loop... Forget could, you CAN. Too bad there's not more mixes for this game. I have to say this is CD quality material.
  5. Now, if Sega would have done Time Traveling in Sonic 1, this woulda definitely fit in it, my guess as kind of a "Bad Future" type thing? I first thought it kind of went with something to do with Eggman. Anyway, I can't describe most stuff, except for the kickin' beat that just pulls you into the groove. That, and around 02:33 I can tell that variations are starting to be used of the original ring sound (Nice! 200-*shot*) So, you will definitely like this, for the most part. I command you to, for I have the almighty pie! ...Well you don't have to look like that! Overall: Damn good. Going on my next CD! I quoted you, so there. On a totally different note, I could swear I know Jonodude from somewhere else.
  6. This mix can speak for itself. Ooh Ooh, Oh Yeah! Nice tempo, just what you'd expect in a Kirby game! I loved this game to no end, so the music really appeals to me. Anyway, sounds just like what you might hear on some coastline somewhere in the US. I dunno how to describe it, except that you need to get it.
  7. Well, this one was interesting. Strange and interesting. Some weird instrument through the whole first half, some guy saying something that I can't understand until the end, etc. Pretty good, but I think Winter has better ones.
  8. Interesting. 3 parts to this one. First one deals with some intro and earlier levels. Sounds a lot like what you might hear for pirate music. The middle is a bit slower and deals with... an ice level? Anyway, the third part is the boss stage and leads up to the end, which is extremely good in 05:25-36. Love the Remix. Yes, you know the rest. Good work Protricity!
  9. Well, the name implies lots of heavy beats. It starts off strangely, fading in with swamp sounds and going to a better beat, etc. This really takes off when you get to the guitar parts. First on one of my CDs, this is a good choice for an opener.
  10. Chilly. And being that, it makes this a cool remix! An awesome rendition of the Lava level, which happened to be my second favorite besides the Brambles level. Got a lot of relaxing themes, flutey stuff, bass things, etc. Not thinking too much right now, as it's nearly midnight here. Loved this one, and I think I'll listen to it tonight as I drift off.
  11. Not the greatest, I'd reccomend Protricity's better. Unless of course, you like speeded up songs of slower music.
  12. Now... THIS *point, poke*... THIS is a DKC2 Remix! The very first time I heard this, I just about went into shock at how totally great it made the awesome music of this level sound! I used to lay awake nights thinking of the theme from this level, way back when the SNES was a young system, back before 3D graphics were even heard of... I thought nothing could ever do it justice. And then I came across this remix. Even if you hate ambient and slow things, YOU MUST TAKE A LISTEN! This is worth every second, right to the last echo. Oh yeah, the Remix itself. Lots of great drum beats, piano galore in EXACTLY the fashion I like it! Even though there's tons of great tracks out in the great OCR, this will ALWAYS remain as one of my all time favorites!
  13. Yeah! Jazzy swingin' stuff from one DJP! This just screams Nightclub, or something like that. Pipes, Drums, Bass instruments, and a whole mix of stuff, including the trumpets all the way through! Gotta love this, cuz even my mom was dancing to this! Score another for DJP!
  14. Yes! A remix that I like that has a lot of elements! Wild DKC intro beat! Guitars, drums, other stuff, Monkeys ooping and screaming, guns, people singing, and the "Pump up da volume." guy! I love this! Top reccomendation for a CD or whatever! Listen. Love. Worship. Something along those lines, but you'll know what I mean when you hear it.
  15. Well, I have to say that it made my CD list. I liked the drum beats and trumpet. Not too hot on jungle animals, but then again it is a pretty good filler sometimes. And the occasional explosions were interesting!
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