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  1. The boss that was the hardest for me was from the orignal Chrono Trigger. HE WOULDN'T FRICKEN DIE! I had to fight him in forms of all the mini bosses through out the game. I don't know about you, but I don't like taking a half hour to kill the main boss of any game. On a side note, trying to beat Kefka from FF3/6 when all your characters are only level 17-20 is a real kick and a tickle, too.
  2. Awarded Daknit's Top Ten Retro Gamer Remix. Fewer songs come finer than this.
  3. This is defentily one of my favorites. High marks. **AWARDED one of Daknit's TOP TEN RETRO GAMER REMIXES**
  4. I have to say that this song hit everything right on. **Awarded one of Daknit's TOP TEN RETRO GAMER REMIXES** congrats
  5. When I was working on this, I had no idea how to really get involved intimately with the music. I knew I wanted to do something different than what I've already did. I also knew that anything less than 130 beat per minute was harder for me cause I always wanted to just jam and drive my music. Forcing myself to slow down was my challenge. I lay down the basic music format of where I wanted to go, but I was just so not happy with it.. I went for help in the OCremix chat and no other remixer wanted to help because of thier own private engaments they were working on left no time or engery to help me. Along came Eric Dude from the west coast and he was intrested in listening to my piece so far and offer some help if he could. And he did. He helped me transform the music from a dead jazz piece to more toned out trip hop, which I was more happy with. After being influenced by the Detroit Jazz fest, I returned to the music to really give the drums a work over. I sent it back to Eric Dude for his thoughts about it and we then both agreed that it was missing one thing--a standout solo. He listened to it over and over, getting the right amount of vibe from it to give us the sitar solo you hear today. I don't think I ever said it enough, but the bulk of the credit and merit goes to Eric Dude and big thumbs up for this being his first piece.
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