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  1. Anyone want to play some clan matches tonight? I'm a bit rusty, but still not bad.
  2. I'm back, still no mic, but i doubt you would want to hear my voice anyways. Lasakon, Send it.
  3. It has now been confirmed the soundtrack to the movie will be made up entirely of Akira Yamaoka's soundtracks. Hopefully this doesn't change.
  4. I'm watching Puppet Master 4 right now. I hate myself, but I love this mix.
  5. I can't really consider this a boss but, The General Diego level in red dead revolver on hard mode is friggen impossible. If i miss one cannon with my flare gun every cannon heat seeks on me and then there are those super sharp shooting union soldiers who can kill a Mexican soldier by thinking real hard. Coop i know who you fell about Ragnarock, Never give up.
  6. Nobuo Uematsu, Yasunori Mitsuda and Koji Kondo all called! This was truly a show for the ages. I hope Akira Yamaoka calls next. Edit:Mario, Luigi and Jermey Soule! It's the BEST.SHOW.EVAR!!!11 Edit 2:And i guess Bagel was ok.
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