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  1. Before I go off on my tangent that will might very well earn me the title of "troll", I would like to make clear my opinions on this remixing project: There is never needed an excuse to remix videogame music, or to create art of any form for that matter, if one wants to do it, that's reason enough. The fact that the community has put some of their best and most talented remixers into this project is reason only for celebration. The direction of the project, namely a theatrical arrangement of music from Chrono Trigger is in my humble opinion vastly overdue. I applaud the vision that moved Claad
  2. [Just another post to add to the thread of pleased listeners.] Awesome stuff, even though it's not of the ear-bleeding type.
  3. Wow, I am impressed. This brand of 'elektronica' not being something I'd go and seek out, I'm none-the-less incapable of denying the professional slickness of the entire piece. And being it a Doom mix, there's just an inherent backbone to the music that stands up on its own merit. Certainly Rammstein-esque, at least, Rammstein on one of their more quiet tangents. I thought the vocals a perfect fit to the ambience of the piece. They also serve to establish analoq as being one of those Remixers definately pushing the edges of this hobby into something definitely professional-grade. Definitely wo
  4. I'll be blunt. There might be many of you that like it, and to you, probably I'm just some 'purist wacko.' But I cannot enjoy the Figaro Castle theme when the trumpet's parts are not played loudly, proudly like the originals were. This is a declaration of grandeur, a statement of freedom, this 'Anthem' of Figaro, and playing it like some damned jazz piece feels like a tresspass against the memory of the original. Now, I know I sound harsh, and really, I'd totally be a position to tolerate, and perhaps even appreciate this level of experimentation if there was at least one remix that was a vani
  5. A great piece, even moreso since I enjoyed it without even being familiar with the source piece. The Monty Python sound bites were a wonderful touch too, and well timed. I'm sure there's some out there that won't like it, and those will be the ones that haven't seen the movie. For the rest of us, this is a great remix, to me- a subdued techno piece that travels well into another genre, all while improving on the sound quality of FFVII. (God that game had some harsh MIDI...)
  6. I've had this great, varied piece on loop for the last two hours. And still, it's both a superb background piece that's easy on the ears, and a great entry into OCRemix. Good job. EDIT: I'm up to 5 hours of constant loopage now, and finally sick of it. Good stuff!
  7. This is THE perkiest song ever. The happiness quotient is beyond what mere words can desribe. You actually have FUN listening to it. Imagine Yuffie, Selphie, and Rikku, all leading a moogle procession. - While on Prozac. Its also a welcome, and upbeat mix of Devil's lab. The thing with that track is, I really havn't heard anyone really improve upon it like Ailsean's Terra in Black for the Terra them. Be forewarned though, this song, is only HALF Devil's lab, even less, actually. He uses Terra, Hey Cid! (From FF4), Devils lab, and Save them!, and creates a memorable pick-me-up. I myself broke i
  8. Does not this piece evoke powerful emotions? I know it can for me, I just need to open my heart and give myself up to the music. This is not just the best remix on the site, its an example of music at its finest, evoking emotion... I could die a happy death if everyone in the world could hear this song as I do...
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