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  1. I'm sitting at roughly 11,000 songs; 54 out of my 55 gigs filled. (60 gig ipod = 55 gigs) I'm working on cleanup. I have almost a month worth of pure music, played one song at a time from start to finish.
  2. I'd say it's the more logical reason of the fact that unmod.org doesn't have any real website too it; so there is no way for new people to show up.
  3. This is probably the first time i've actually heard someone attempt to insult me using Ginger in a very long time. People actually got the fuck over it in the few years since any of that bullshit happened. I did make a small remark about your personal life; so i can't say that was entirely unexpected. Still, I was harshly telling you too not use over generalizations of the unmods; you did nothing but prove my point by attempting to insult me using a particular topic that has long since been dead and buried.
  4. Pixietricks, I call complete and total bullshit. You obviously never took part in, or even bothered to understand unmod if you think that's the way the place was. I'm very aware that you never actually attempted to post in the unmods, because it would have been very obvious if you had. The most important thing that the unmods did have going for them was a tight community; and you would have stood out there on many, many levels and would have been called out for exactly that reason. "Flame Wars" are the basis of Gendisc and PPR, these were very few in the unmods. The amount of threads that downgraded into a standard back and forth action between two sides was exceedingly slim. If you posted something that didn't fit, it was generally shoved as a side note into an otherwise slightly-useful discussion before that discussion degraded into something about pancakes and smiling mexicans. "Popularity Contests" were a joke. That was the entire point of them, they were simply a joke. Not everyone who had a high post count or an early join date was respected. I had 7000 posts and a 2003 join date and was still a prime example of that. Why? Because i contributed nothing to the actual society of unmod. People like Coop and Mahaboo did worthwhile stuff; Arashi and Atomic Dog made themselves obvious. Even posters with lower numbers like NNY or Red Omen made themselves known through wit and education. Post counts had nothing to do with it; but higher posts obviously meant higher visibility; as they contributed more. "Mob Mentality" is not the way to describe a community; and like everything else in your post is simply insulting. I don't care if you are sleeping with zircon or whatever the hell else is going on behind the scenes at OCR. It never concerned me, while other unmodders apparently had some say in it; i try to stay out of all the bullshit. But when an entire community forum is destroyed due to blatant misunderstandings and overgeneralizations; someone, somewhere, needs to actually get an idea of what the hell was truly going on before the lies eventually become a forgotten "truth". Not all mods are evil, not everyone in the unmods were either. Some of us just try our best to be nothing but regular people who enjoyed being in the company of other like-minded people. We had our own ways of "getting along", and i'm sorry that it isn't anywhere near as white and black as everyone wishes or thinks it was.
  5. I started coming to OCR for the music. I started posting in unmod due to curiosity and entertainment. I eventually stayed for the community. I knew it couldn't last, this was never really a "shock" to me. I tend to find a group of people whom gets comfortable with doing things without rules, and eventually we just get too comfortable and once the rules do appear; they go overboard. This recently happened where I hang out at college, and it's mirrored as the deletion of the unmods. Although the latter was a far bigger community. While the community has been slowly degrading for the past couple of months... It was indeed what i felt was "our" section of the internet. I know that we had no place on OCR; considering how little we eventually had to do with music or videogames. Although that was mainly a farce; we all knew that we knew about videogames. We all had certain hobbies and things in familiar. Despite how "disconnected" unmods appeared from OCR; almost everyone who posted there *originated* from OCR regardless. We had stuff in common, part of the reason that LOL INTERNET and everything else we did made a sort of sense. You could post a picture of a hot as hell asian chick, followed by a picture of a "cute girl"; round it out with an obscure videogame reference in the form of an mspaint guy being raped by a bee with a cock and end the day while contemplating the serious questions in life like "...and it made me smile" or asking for relationship help in the sex ed thread. The latter two were taken seriously for the most part. It's a place that really made no sense to anyone else; which is why we got so comfortable i suppose. But the unmods were the section of the internet i frequented for 3 fucking years; and seeing it cruelly and quickly removed like that just felt like a bitchslap to pride and community.
  6. this piece is fucking awesome, i espicially love the orchestra parts that are around 2:40 and 4:13(espicially the one at 4:13)
  7. damn sweet, even manages to retain some of the feel of the original. awesome remix.
  8. I'm a huge fan of the game, and the games music, so when i first saw this posted on SGX's official site i grabbed it. Beautiful remix, I like it quite a bit more than the majority of the original beat of the game. (I believe thats partly in fact that the MP3's of the game i have are just plain captures and have some really annoying overlays) Anyway, keep remixing, I absolutely the sound to this, I'm not a fan of lyrics in music, but vocal's like that can't be underestimated for the amount of beauty they have. I think i've said beautiful far too many times already, but its just the best way to describe this piece.
  9. This is the type of music i dig, This song has been stuck in my head for 2 days now. congrats on the awesome piece. Slightly repetetive as said, but i don't mind that at all.
  10. one of my fave renditions of Kraids Theme. I got this off of their website month's ago, and i was glad i did that back then. Just as im glad more people will finally hear it now. A haunting, depressing, lonely kraid theme, tis something that has to be heard... Nice deviation from the typical heavy versions.
  11. I LOVE this. I've always been a fan of yours SGX, but this stuff takes it over the top. I was a fan of "A" to begin with, so that probably helps quite a bit. Having the heavy steps in my mind when i first heard this song (directly after listening to the original A from beatmania) This completely blew me away. My only issue, and its a small one, is that the section from "2:50ish to 3:09ish seemed far too heavy on the background sound and nearly drowned out the piano which should have been a little louder." thats more of a preference based on the awesome piano though. This song is one of my faves from all of OCR now, i can't stop listening to it, this stuff is amazing. The main piano part is something that i just about cried over, mainly because i was trying to imagine to DDR to something that fast. Any chance i can can get an actual strokes per minute on that segment? (note sure if its called strokes per minute, but you konw what i mean)
  12. im going to go out on a limb and think that the "SYL OMFG" in the above post was in no way related to me. Anyway, i dug the music, i hated the voice samples. i agree with eccles and prot. could have gone somewhere, but, i hate lyrics in general, and these things just STOP the flow of the song, heard it twice, never again.
  13. This thing just makes you NEED to smile kinda addicting.
  14. AMAZING tune. It sounds so perfect. The Red canyon theme is easily one of my favorite songs in FF7, but i would have never expected it to be remixed this way. The first few times i heard this song i just sat in a trance, (that was almost 2 years ago) and yet, it is still one of my favorites without getting old. It just NEEDS to be longer, it ends too abruptly, I can only imagine what a second "verse" would sound like.
  15. one of my fave remix's, the first song is decent, 5/10, but the second one really hits the right strings, 10/10. I think it might have been better if this was considered 2 seperate songs, because they do sound like different entities. I love it though.
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