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  1. new version of atrium! TOTALLY redone http://www.sectionzmusic.com/detail.asp?SZID=18384 free download, no signup. tell me what you think
  2. actually, nirvana was my favorite band for a number of years; since i started doing music. That may explain alot he did do alot of things that were undoable imo... some of the chord progressions he wrote melodies for are astounding, and, i think he KNEW (unlike me) when he was out of tune singing wise, but did it on purpose, or was just lazy. perhaps not a great musician, but i look at him as more of a songwriter.
  3. actually, you are definetly right about there being out of tune vocals. This mix was completed in 2001. thats almost 4 years from now, in the past. I have certainly been growing more of an ear, and more of a voice, for staying in tune. I never wanted to use autotune, and wanted my music to be as pure as it could be. however, i find your review not only to be negative, but to be lacking true constructive comments. you seem to just be posting to "balance out" the many good reviews i've gotten from people who dont notice or seem to mind the out of tune singing. im sorry if this is innacurate, but that is just what it seems like. regardless, i thank you for your bits of criticism, but i assure you that i have improved much since then. proof will be shown soon enough....
  4. man, i HATE writing out tab... seriously.. but, i may reconsider.. is there a good program for that?
  5. w0w thank you for the replies! i havent checked this in a while!!! I am planning on redoing the song with better vocalss and such, but i never knew of any song called "long distance" .. ill have to check that out, cause i have owned pray and love will grow for years... i guarantee its coincedence, after all theyre both based on the same arrangement right??? malevolence, i have a site here: http://silent.sectionz.com, although sectionz doesnt work for many... i also have one here: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/8/thesilentresponse.htm
  6. new versions of this song are here: http://www.vgmix.com/song_view.php?song_id=307 and here: http://www.sectionz.com/detail.asp?rtype=mp3&szid=10612 enjoy!
  7. w0w thank you again for all of your comments, I have submitted a new tune, i hope it gets accepted
  8. ahh i have been asked this before... and it is a good question. well, i dont really have the best reason, i didnt know what else to name it! I thought it sounded good, and put that name in. i would rather have a different title, but i couldnt think of anything better. and you are certainly right about the vocals. I hope to improve those as well someday, but i am in the midst of many other projects, and wish to have this song simmering in its present form for a while. I have a problem with refining things. It has to be done, but i get attached to the imperfections of 1st takes... lol thanks for your comments
  9. i have been listening to this song constantly, and it is great! I love industrial, and i hear the stuff from the game, although it is shadowed, its there, and thats how i like it not too obvious!
  10. gotcha! ok, got my intenet back, new version of ff4 is coming soon!
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