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  1. So I had to reformat my mom's computer because hers was too slow and filled with viruses and trojans. By mistake I didn't back up all her pictures, hence she's now bitching at me and asked me to get the pictures back. I know there are programs out there to get deleted files back, but all the ones I've seen cost about 30ish bucks. Any recomemdations on good software or maybe even free ones? And can this software retrieve files after a windows HD formating?
  2. Ill give it a try, I didn't know amazon sold music in MP3 format. EDIT: I found a mistake in the list. I think mister Owen forgot to mention 1 song. If you listen after song number 6 (Do What U Do) songs 7 is not Rocker by Alter Ego. Song 7 is a dude that sounds Jamaica. (Millian I think is the name of the artist, or something like that) I'd really like to buy that song too. That songs starts at 0:38:00 And then when the song is over it skips 'Chris Ovide – Allegria [Chris O's feelin it Mix]' and goes to 'DMS12 – Its Our House [Main Mix]' I couldn't find that song on amazon music, Myspace music or though a Google search.
  3. Man... Many of these songs are not in iTunes. Any other place where I can get music for $0.99 each that will work on my iPod?
  4. Awesome work! Did you do it by ear, or did you find the list somewhere on the net?
  5. My pleasure Ill try that, hopefully he'll answer soon.
  6. Well i didnt ask for a single song, but all of them Im not forcing you to do it, but if you guys can help then I'd really appreciate it.
  7. Yes. Its quite lengthy, but totally worth a listen.
  8. Sometime ago I found "THIS" Mix in my iTunes library, I have no clue how it got there, but I gave it a listen (a 2.5 hr mix btw) I love the mix and the songs used in it, so I googled the mix name in search for the individual song names so that I could download them individually. After a long search I failed The only thing I found was the link to the mix from Brian Owen's page. (link above) So I would like to know if you guys know the songs in the mix. Help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Mars Lighthouse. I think it has the best music from all the 4 lighthouses Or maybe a medley from all the 4 lighthouses could be done. GS:TLA deserves remixes. It's got fantastic music in it. Plz someone
  10. I encountered a problem. After formating my iPod to NTFS and coping back the iPod files, I went to iTunes and the iPod appeared to be functioning normally. So when I unplugged it I discovered that it had no music to be listened, but iTunes displayed as if my iPod had all its music in it. So... what Im guessing is that the iPod cannot function properly unless its formated by iTunes, but iTunes will only format it FAT32. Anyone has any suggestions to my problem?
  11. So, after backing everything up. I noticed that iTunes doesnt give me an option for the formating type, it makes it automatically FAT32. So I'll have to do it through Windows then.
  12. That explains it, the only problem would be formating the disk, so. I guess Ill have to back everything up in there. Sigh... ...Thats gonna take a while. One question... If I format it with windows, will it work as an iPod later? or should I format it through iTunes?
  13. Im using my iPod(80Gb) as a hard drive for one of my classes and in this particular class we are working with Win2003Server Ed. and with the latest version of Fedora. We use VirtualBox so we can switch back and forth between them. The OSs are 2 image files [that started] around 3gb each, but the Windows one keeps on growing as we add more stuff to it (obviously), suddently it reached the 4.5Gb and I got a message from inside Win2003SE that my hard drive had run out of space. I thought that was quite weird becaouse I had like 50Gb of free space, so my professor told me to move it to the desktop to work in class. At the end of the class I needed to move the image file back into my iPod, but as I attempted to do so I got an error message saying the my iPod was out of space. This puzzled both my professor and I and we couldnt find a solution. He told me to defrag my iPod and he thought that would solve the problem, but after doing that, I still got the same error message. A friend of mine also recommended me to partition the file with WinRar, and it worked. I was able to move the file in 700Mb pieces, but I wasnt able to copy it as one huge file. I still have like 40Gb of free space, so whats going on? Could it be that the iPod configuration forbids the user to copy files over 4.5Gb in size? And if so, how to change that? Any help?
  14. Made in MSPaint because its the only one I know how to use. Came out pretty funny
  15. wasnt this game gonna come out for the Wii? I remember seeing an add with the Wii logo in it.
  16. Thx for the info man, I signed up yesterday and I've already made 2 trades.
  17. Im taking a class (IIS) in which we are using Virtual Box to run Red Hat Linux 8. We installed RH from the CDs that came with the book. The first try it worked fine, but next time we powered it up, the OS was increadibly sluggish. No one in the class knows why, not even the professor (well he doesnt have time time solve it, he said) I'd like to know if anyone can help me. Because working with this is very anoying. Im giving linux 1Gb of RAM to work with and its running as if it was using it all. I just check the proccesses running behind, and there is 60% of the CPU not being used, so there is no reason why should it be running slow. Could it be that this version of Linux is just crappy? If you need any more detaills just ask.
  18. I've always loved Civilization I & II more than the rest for some reason I just love old school games that I grew up with. Like I remember playing Jack Jackrabbit with my cousin when we were kids on his dad's computer... Good times
  19. Thats the only thing that worries me about the new Prime Wii. Are they going to repair all the sequence-breaking glitches? At least Im pretty sure that the Long Space Jump wont be possible anymore. Was it possible in Prime 3? What about Ghetto Jump? We'll just have to wait and see.
  20. Ill use it like that then, hopefully my professor will understand it.
  21. Isn't the merry go round the one with the horses and all though?
  22. I'm writing a paper for school and I need to know the name of an object. The object in question is commonly found in playgrounds. Its a round thing that spins when pushed and you can sit on it and grab the handles. Here's a picture, I know its small but its the only picture I found that had it. (The object is close to the center of the picture and there is a lil' girl in pink and a boy in blue using it. Thanks in advance.
  23. IDK if anyone has mentioned this, but IDK how I forgot about this game, being one of my favorite games of all time. Someone should remake Doom2 with Doom3 engine (or something better) and Doom2: Plutonia. That game was way too awesome.
  24. I guess once I have money to buy a new one (im very broke now:oops:) ill try to freeze it out of its case (ill just freeze the HD itself) If it fully dies after dat I dont think Ill care. BTW I checked on new egg this HD they were selling for 96 bucks. It was a 1TB. I guess I should buy it, shouldn't I? Its got good reviews.
  25. Actually I don't know of anything else. Maybe there could be something loose inside the HD, but I don't know much about Hardware to mess around with it. (I actually tried, but couldn't because I needed a special type of screw driver.)
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