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  1. You have to listen then to Brian Eno's "Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks". Its super peaceful and excellent toll to fall asleep. Specially "An Ending (Ascent)". On another note An Ending (Ascent) remix by Leama & Moor is great, but Its not on iTunes
  2. I read about 2 weeks ago on IGN PC that the next gen MMO from Blizzard was NOT going to be Warcraft related, so that leaves SC and Diablo, but WoW (from what i hear) is a lot like Diablo (I don't really know because I've never played any Diablo game... no hate plz) So hopefully It'll be SCU (StarCraft Universe, I hope that will be the MMO name )
  3. The file extension is m4p or mpeg 4, the icon has a little lock too.
  4. ^^ the protected media files you buy from iTunes? Im thinking is not possible, but what do u guys think? Thanks in advance
  5. You Forgot Masi Oka as E. Honda... although he would have to gain a few pounds... lol
  6. http://1.fm try the trance station, is my favorite
  7. 1656, 5 days, 7.25Gb SO far I think its a lot of music, but l'm sure i can get more.
  8. I love every single song in this album. Good work guys!!!!
  9. Best tracks for me: - New Mexican Thunderbird (T. Hawk Stage)! - Communist Jungle (Zangief Stage) - Made in USA (Ken Stage)!! - R U Overdrive (Ryu Stage)!!! - Murder Instinct (Akuma Stage)! - Ending Credits Mix (Staff Roll)
  10. I have a problem with FL 3.5.6 Whenever I open a MIDI file I cant hear it. And my MIDI settings are something like this: Remote Control Input: -none Master Sync Output: -Microsoft MIDI Mapper -Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth Can someone help me? Thanks!
  11. But Scott, for me your Remix it's very good!
  12. I think that this Monster has been mentioned before but is the hardest one: Ultima Weapon from Final Fantasy 8 It's Impossible.
  13. The Final Boss of Doom2 in NightMare Mode That is a hard thing
  14. For me the Hardest Enemy is and evey will be Willy from MegaMan Series And momentaniously I don't remember anyone else, but surely the Final Fantasy Final Enemys are very hard, most of times.
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