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  1. Why is The Bridge of Eldin banned? Its a perfectly flat stage with super easy avoidable events and you can grab the ledges once the hole is made. Also, as far as I know every character can make the jump from side to side and the bridge comes back to normal in no time. Plus, the music is awesome. Why ban it?
  2. Is it posted somewhere? Because I'd like to se the whole list. Also, if its not too much to ask, could you please post the list of participants? Thx in advace.
  3. Count me in... when is it though?
  4. Yeah, that was me. I had lotsa fun in that match. And it was totally lag free.
  5. I admit I did whine a lil, I wont do it again. But theres also the people that shove it in your face and tell you that you suck and that you are not good with any player. That pisses me off. Sorry for the double post
  6. SilentMike, Diabloshadow and I had great, lag free online matches. LOTSA FUN! I wish every time I'd played someone would be lag free, make the experience so much better.
  7. So far I've been very lucky w/ my brother and a friend. I went to the mall to look for a Wii with my older brother last year 2 days after Christmas and obviously we got no Wii, but just in case I checked into a GameStop store that said "Wii's Sold Out" and asked the guy in there if they had any Wiis and he told me that he had one left, but it was a used Wii. My older bro didn't care because he was going back to South America after that. No problems with the Wii so far. And with my buddy, practically the same thing happened. We walked into a GameStop by my house that had the "Wii's Sold Out" sign outside and asked for one, and they told us that they just got a shipment, but forgot to remove the sign.
  8. Another q: How do I get Jigglypuff? Acording to Gamefaqs is by beating Classic mode with anyone but link and Ike. I tried, but the 1st time I got Luigi and then I tried again and nothing happened. The onther way according to GF is by beating Event 20. Im on 22 an nothing yet. Am I missing something?
  9. Jam S. I've been wanting to play you for the longest. Im not an increadible player but I believe Im good. Atma beat da crap outta me with Olimar and Marth tho, but dat was my first online match so I was just getting used to da lag.
  10. Can you guys add me to your friend list so we can play. My friend code is: 4382-1644-0599 You can also find it in the ClanOCR site
  11. Rest assured that after I unlock every character and I'm familiar with the game, which shouldn't take more than a week, I'll fight you. Also I'll remember those numbers well because those are also my fav songs. BTW is everyone gonna add their Friend Number at the OCRemix Clan DB?
  12. KoF XII look very much like SSFII HD
  13. Well, no one's seen me play but ASA I get the game this Sunday Ill play you all or Ill send vids of my gameplay w/ my buddies. But the songs I'd like to use as long as they are not taken are: F04, D01, D10, I07, I 03, B06. Any of those as long as they are not taken.
  14. Dude ALL the music in this game OWNS I mean it for real, is really good and worth listening to. EDIT: Sorry for the double post
  15. WOW, I'd love to be part of that, but I havent even play the game yet My main in Melee was Ganondorf, I just hope he is as good as he was or better.
  16. I am sure that Superman wasn't as bad as ET the game was. Now I wonder if anyone here has even had the misfortune of playing such crap.
  17. I definitely like the Japanese voices better, but these are not bad either. With the exception of Ike, yuk.
  18. So, whenever I have my Cellphone close to my USB mouse and I get a call or text message my mouse gets DC'ed from the computer. I have no idea why, I mean if it was a wireless I would understand, but a USB wired mouse? It pisses my off every time it happens. Any idea why? and Any solutions other than having my phone away from the computer?
  19. Do you have to use the original gameboy or GBMicro? Because the GBA can play every game from all the old GBs.
  20. Big the cat? Who the frack is that? Well I always thought that SADX was the same game, but for the NGC. I guess not.
  21. L.T.W.

    Nintendo Wii

    No USB keyboard here, its gonna be similar to the texting system for Brawl acording to IGN Wii. And yes any USB Keyboard works with the Wii.
  22. No, theres only of Mario, Pit, Samus, PK Trainer and Solid Snake.
  23. Man, it seems that all those games you hate, I love. Sonic Adventure 2 is my favorite Sonic game to date. Metroid Prime 2n3 I love'em to death and VJ was just awesome. Anyway... Mario Party 8 is probably da only Mario Party I resent buying, It was fun the first couple of days, but then you get really tired of it.
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