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  1. Well, I decided to go tomorrow and check the place out. Ill talk to the dudes in the and then decide. I'll probably do it.
  2. Well, about 8 years ago, I joined a rowing back in my country. And I even made the team, but my parents didn't want me to join because they wanted me to focus on my studies. I loved the sport, but in this country is a lot more expensive. I just checked prices and is $60/month, I think I can afford it. How is it over there where you live?
  3. Well, I hope I'm not to late to join. Actually Monday night I weighted myself and I was 198lbs. I was incredibly happy, you have no idea. I haven't been less than 200lbs since high school. When I started exercising last year (October 2007) I was 230lbs. So I think I've come a long way, but I still have 20lbs more to go. Anyways... GOAL I'm 5'11" and 198. My goal is to go down to 175/180lbs. I don't know my body fat percentage, but I know most of my fat is in my belly THE PLAN Diet: Ill try to consume less carbs, but not cut it completely as they are very important part of a balanced diet. No more fast food for me, of course. And ill try to consume 100% of the fiber I should consume in a day, my mother say that it will help my metabolism move faster. Exercise: Well, the gym I go to is at the Yatch club of my apartment building (a min away from home) and its really good. We dont really pay for it, because its included in the maintenance fee we pay every month. The gym has every cardio machine, but the rowing one (which is my favorite). Also has free weights, flat bench and many more I dont know the names of. I also befriended the trainer there so she helps me for free Well... Into the plan... What I usually do is: I get there, I do 30 heavy (I mean that I go fast, at the rhythm of John '00' Flemming ) mins of elliptical machine. And then 30 more mins of free weights, usually flat bench because I love it , I also work out my arms, triceps, shoulders, back and lower back. I try not to do more than 1hr. That why someone recommended me some time ago. Now... should I do the cardio before or after the weight training? And again sorry for joining so late, but I do want to participate. Because I want to be able to go to the beach and just take my shirt off and feel perfectly comfortable with that. Something I've never been able to enjoy. PS: Anyone knows any way I can practice rowing in a cheaper way. I have checked prices here in South FL and the are VERY expensive EDIT: Oh yeah, Im going to the gym at least 3 times a week, but I plan to make it at least 5. I also quit smoking and I have been smoke free for 3 weeks
  4. I definitely want in. As Steben said I lack self motivation. So This could help me out a bit. I used to work out regularly last year, until I got in a car accident. So a month later after I was recovered I lost the motivation I had and stopped going. I'm trying to go back, but doing it alone is hard. I am right now 5'11" and weight 210* Back in January 2007 I was 230 and I started working out in September. I went down to 200 by December, and now I'm 210*. I want to drop to 185-190, and hopefully 180. That would be my goal. Now another problem I have is that I just wanna be muscle toned and slim. I dont wanna be huge, but I love lifting heavy weights and I hate doing many repetitions with little weight. I just dont like that. I know though, that if I do heavy weight I'll become big and thats not what I want, so... What can I do? * = Im not sure, but I feel around there. EDIT: I friend of mine recommended me to take Hydroxycut so I would loose weight faster. Is it really gonna work?
  5. No one mentioned: IDDQD IDKFA IDCLEV and IDCLIP Also: "PowerOverwhelming"!!!!!
  6. So, if Sengin is right I'll just go ahead and fight A-Rival so we can move on and fight GT.
  7. So Sakurai said on the Dojo: Could that mean that they are planning to patch the game? If so, that would be really cool.
  8. Yes, I beat it long ago with my older brother, back in the late 1990's Really long game and had lots of fun playing it. I really cant remember now, but I think it was like 30ish lvls
  9. Chrono Trigger SMRPG Super Mario Kart Earthbound Zombies ate my Neighbors
  10. Man, this tournament is taking WAY too long. Whats stalling it so much? Play your matches people!
  11. Im still waiting for JoeFu to finish playing their matches so one of them can fight dPaladin, so one of them can figtht me. Ive been waiting for over a week, I think.
  12. Well, I didnt know that until now. We should play more often though.
  13. You're still not done, you're still in the loser's bracket. If you want of course, but Its always fun.
  14. Has JonFu played SilentMike? and has RedShadow played dPaladin yet?
  15. Hey Silent Mike, Really nice matches I had lotsa fun! And sorry to leave like that, I really needed to go to the bathroom for a leak And that how communication over Nintendo Wifi fails miserably with the lack of text messaging or something of that kind.
  16. What really made me laugh for 5 minutes was when we were playing in the GaymanWatch stage and you were bouncing back and forth in the jail. That was WAY too funny!
  17. This was incredible, excellent work I loved everything specially the voices, and humor. Really well done!
  18. Hey HangDe, Awesome matches, I wish we could have recorded them GGs
  19. Yeah, I know. Really good matches. EDIT: Who am I fighting now?
  20. Hey Inimitable add me so we can fight. I'll be able to fight anytime this Friday, tonight or tomorrow night. (11pm eastern +)
  21. I used to have a 70 Tauren druid in Arygos, but I sold it I still have friends that play there though. EDIT: BTW Ramaniscence, I cant see any of your pictures.
  22. Anyone plays on Demon Soul? (Horde) I have a 40 and I used to play with a RL friend of mine, but hes in boot camp for another month and a half and the hes going to special training for 2 more So I basically don't play much anymore. Its not as fun when you play it with people you know well.
  23. Well the bombs are easy to avoid, as long as you are away from the hole area. But nvm that, because its not banned according to the list on the front page. ...right?
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