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  1. I got 17 out of 20, and I really searched I also found Spring Ball, and I think I missed 2 missile exp and 1 SM exp. Really fun game, and really looking forward for the real deal. BTW is there a way to get the engine so I could make my own metroid, w/o making the engine on my own?
  2. The Solutions you gave me are for XP, and unluckily I have Vista. I tried to do the same in Vista, but I couldnt find the solution. Any help w/ Vista?
  3. Im getting this error message: And I really dont know how to solve it... I dont even know how I caused it Can anyone help?
  4. L.T.W.

    Heroes: Villains

    I've watched Both Season 1 and 2, and 2 sucked ass compared to 1, so far Im liking 3 a lot, but I missed the 1st hr, so I'll have to watch it later online.
  5. Dude, I loved the song you posted, it was sweet. Hopefully they have it on iTunes.
  6. This game will be an all time favorite for me and I'll probably show it to my children. I think it exceeds today's standards for gameplay and story, just give the game some really cool cell-shaded graphics and it would be a hit once more.
  7. Its all good, thx for the advice.
  8. You're the one that recommended me that mobo in the 1st place, why so heated? The only games I'd be getting the new pc for are C&CRA3, Spore, SC2 and WoW:WotLK. They are not that graphic hungry, right? EDIT: I think I'll got for Starla's suggestion + http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16814150316. Seem like a very good deal.
  9. yes the vid card is integrated, why would it be a bad idea if its cheap?
  10. You sure about the 2 mobos? I only see one. ( ASUS M3N78 PRO...) And I already got a copy of Vista Business.
  11. So, I fallowed the new egg advice and came up with this: http://secure.newegg.com/WishList/PublicWishDetail.aspx?WishListNumber=4479734&WishListTitle=MY If you guys see any problems (like incompatibilities) w/ my build or anything major missing, please let me know.
  12. Damn, u guys really answer fast Thx for the info.
  13. Yeah, it is 5Y/old Im really broke right now and no one in my family wants a new computer, so I gotta save to get a new one. A friend recommended me refurbished PCs from Dell, went there and looks like good deals, anyone have had any experience buying refurbished Dell computers?
  14. According to the my mobo's manual I should not put more than 1gb RAM total into it, but I'd really like to have 2gb RAM, what would happen if I do so? Will the Mobo burn or something? Thx in advance.
  15. I thank Facebook because I've met family I didnt even know I had It also helps me keep in touch w/ fimily and friends that live in other countries, and does it better than MySpace. Although MySpace Music is a really nice feature that I miss not having in Facebook.
  16. Why isnt Illusion of Gaia as a downloadable game in the VC library yet? Damn I miss that game.
  17. doing my own research I found out about MyFairTunes, which removes the protections added buy iTunes. The website says its absolutely legal as long as you don't become a pirate The program also transforms it to MP3 Since I have around 5Gb of music, its probably gonna take me a while. I hope it wont mess my songs up though.
  18. I tryed Foobar2k and I noticed why it isnt playing the old files. The old files downloaded with iTunes are *.m4p The new ones are *.m4a. These files do play. Ill just try to convert them and see if they'll play. EDIT: Never mind the conversion. I discovered that the files are not supported by my Audio Converter (Smart Audio Converter) I Guess Im stuck with iTunes. :S (Dont get me wrong tho, I think iTunes is the best media player I've ever used)
  19. The files get downloaded as m4as, and they do have some kind of protection, but the weird thing is the new newly downloaded files play, but the ones that are around 1-2 years old wont.
  20. Well my PC is kinda old, so iTunes and WoW running at the same time made WoW play laggy. I decided to try another Music Player and so I started with Winamp. It worked better with WoW, a little laggy still, but better than iTunes. While making my electronic music playlist and I run into a problem with old downloaded music from iTunes. The newly purchased music from iTunes plays normally, but some files that were downloaded around 3 years ago wont play at all. Is there any solution to this problem? If not, can anyone recommend me a very light music player that I can run in the background while playing WoW?
  21. So today I was reading the Maxim magazine and I stumbled upon an add about a synthetic blood nourishment beverage called TruBlood. I was very puzzled, I thought it was some kind of alcoholic beverage, so then I went to the website on the bottom of the add. The website tells you about the HBO show in which the vampire society around the globe decides to come "out of the coffin" because of the synthetic blood drink that was invented in Japan. But society responds really bad to the revelation that vampires really exist. Just fallow the LINK to check it out for yourself. I think Its a really good idea for a show. Check this VIDEO too its pretty cool. What do you guys think?
  22. Endelexia by John '00' Fleming, Jay Selway, John C and Nicholas Bennison's remixes. Fused by John '00' Fleming, Original Mix, J'00'F, The Digital Blonde and Jay Selway Remixes. Rasa Lila by John '00' Fleming, Original Mix 1&2, and Jay Selway Remix. Anything by Super8 & DJTab Northern Lights by Smith & Pledger Tempest, 3DGalax and Eliminator by XOR Tempest and The Last Planet by MK-S I can think of some more later, but the ones I mentioned are REALLY good to get you pumping. EDIT: I forgot to mention, Bullet for my Valentine and Killswitch Engage.
  23. Oh yeah, you're right, then Boomer K. is the second best
  24. IMO the best and catchiest midi eva is Boomer Kuwanger' stage from MMX.
  25. I dont know what kind of computer you run, but my 5 YEAR OLD computar runs Vista smoothly, yet I can only play C&C3 on the lowest settings. And I've had no problems w/ Vista so far.
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